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Sunday, November 25, 2007

BoC Gameday—Sitting on One-Goal Leads

Los Angeles Kings (9-12-1, t-14th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (10-9-4, t-8th in west)

Not too much to add today, though it is striking how tight the west has become: 4 points separate the 2nd seed from the 13th seed. Still, I wonder how it might look for the Ducks if they hadn't blown 3rd period leads in 5 of their last 6 games?

You do know what happens when you try to sit on a one-goal lead for too long, right?

Prediction: Ducks 3, Kings 2. Goals by Perry, Pahlsson, and the invisible ghost-of-a-player we call Bertuzzi.

Go Ducks.


Rick Marnon said...

Tonight should be a good game. I'm looking forward to watching this one on Centre Ice. Go Ducks.

RudyKelly said...

The Kings played excellent defense last night and got timely goals by Kopitar's line. So, blowout for Anaheim, right?

Chris in Torrance said...

I'm betting that it's going to be Aubin in goal tonight...could be a bad night for the Kings, but I'll certainly hope for the best.

Go Kings!!

Earl Sleek said...

Hey, not a bad prediction for once.

Fortunately the clock ran out before the Ducks could blow their lead this time.

Julian said...

That was a crazy ending. I thought the Kings would score for sure - especially when I saw Getzlaf on the kill. He looked good, though.

Earl Sleek said...

Yeah, Getzlaf's PK numbers have been atrocious, especially at the start of the year, but I understand the decision. The game was pretty much on Getzlaf's shoulders already at that point.

spade-in-victorhell said...

the ducks did everything they could to blow that game...the kings..just got unlucky..damn earl watching these ducks make my dick itch

Earl Sleek said...

No kidding, Spade. It's almost a problem that the Ducks are winning, because it makes me swallow most of my complaints.

But hey, Todd Bertuzzi was on the ice for two goals-for! How could I get complainy after that?

spade-in-victorhell said...

whats your take on suthersby on that line? presentation wise reminds me of the PPG line becuase everyones big on that line..It appeared like it might work..all i do know is there was zero chemistryo on the 2nd line of mac-kunitz-tuzzi...zero flow..a lot of missed passes...out of position...hopefully some practice time togheter will make somthing out of that awful line...the stache looked dangerous !!! almost scored twice!!!...and why isnt RC rotating may in to the top lines like he was...that always seemed to spark somthing..(see last years playoffs)

p.s. my first ever positive hnidy post: He did a wicked blake-isk hip check on somone...and had zero shots blocked....

p.s.s. mispelling of the day for the spelling nazi's
"I crapp bigger than you"

Earl Sleek said...

whats your take on suthersby on that line?

I think it works fine, but quite honestly, I am in favor of taking the least productive forward and putting him on the Getzlaf-Perry wing. They've carried baggage before (Fedoruk, to some extent Penner) and could try to do it again. Thus far, Bertuzzi's been my guy. He can just lug to the net and let Getzlaf & Perry do all the boardwork (as pretty much any linemate ends up doing anyway).

That would free up Kunitz to go with McDonald, and whether it's Sutherby, Miller, or Ryan they need something to make it a better 2nd line. Miller may be hurt, but he at least was defensively responsible--hadn't been on the ice for an even-strengh goal-against in his last 13 games.

Side gripe: I'm really disappointed in one aspect of Bertuzzi's game thus far in particular. I have yet to see him set a really good goalie screen--sometimes he's in the right place but just facing the wrong way but mostly, he's off to the side or skating to the wrong area.

p.s. my first ever positive hnidy post: He did a wicked blake-isk hip check on somone...and had zero shots blocked....

Positive note about Hnidy: Last seven games, on the ice for zero goals-against. A sheltered Hnidy is a much better Hnidy.

mcfed said...

Dowdrows, why do I even bother watching? Why?