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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ducks Gameday—I would kill for a 5-on-4 goal

Phoenix Coyotes (5-7-0, t-14th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (6-8-2, t-7th in west)

Stat of the Day: The Ducks have scored as many 5-on-4 goals in England (3 in 2 games) as they have in North America (3 in 14 games). And don’t get deceived by that latter stat—2 of those goals came within their first three games back.

In the last month, the Ducks have played 11 games (8 at home) and played more than 93 minutes of 5-on-4 hockey. In that time, they have scored only one goal (and gave up a shorthanded goal to offset it). Lately, a one-man advantage has meant no advantage at all.

That 5-on-4 scoring rate (0.64 G/hr) is atrocious. Using numbers from those same last 11 games:

  • It's worse than their 5-on-5 scoring rate (1.54 G/hr)
  • It's worse than their 4-on-4 scoring rate (6.22 G/hr)
  • It's even wore than their 4-on-5 scoring rate (0.84 G/hr), if you can believe it.
I've even removed empty-net goals scored, or the differences would be more severe. Their one salvation has been 5-on-3 production (38.10 G/hr), but those instances have been fairly infrequent.

Carlyle's 5-on-4 gameplan

Here's my last depressing stat of the day. Take a look at Anaheim's goal-scoring leaders after 16 games. Perry has 8 goals, Kunitz has 5, Getzlaf has 4, McDonald has 2, and 14 players each have 1. Extrapolated to 82 games, that will mean the Ducks' fourth-highest goal scorer will have 10. Maybe more pressingly, the team projects at this point to a woeful 169 goals. And Getzlaf and Perry, the guys that need to be re-signed next summer, project to have scored 62 of those goals.

Sigh. Something's gotta give.

Prediction: I guess if there's a bright side to the Ducks' last outing, so far this month there have been five Pacific-vs-Pacific match-ups, home teams are 0-5 and getting outscored 23-5. So at least that suckage is offsetting. Ducks buck the trend tonight and get a win at home. Ducks 5, Coyotes 3. Goals by Beauchemin, Mowers, Pahlsson, and 5-on-4 goals by Pronger and Perry.

Go Ducks.


spade-in-victorhell said...

did you say mowers sleek?....did u really say mowers!!!! I shall slay you for speaking such hericy

RC i will also slay thee if you play that waste of space mowers i will scalp your gorilla looking head!!!

we lose again!!!...

(remember last time i said we lose we won sooo...reverse physcology)

PJ said...

Sleek on Fanhouse? Do they pay well @AOL?

Earl Sleek said...

Do they pay well @AOL?

I can't say pay "well", in all honesty, but it's more than I'm paying anybody here.

Let's put it this way--if they wanted to pay me just for that post, the conversation might start "Hey, you have change for a ten?"

Bryce said...


Beauch bumps into Getzlaf, then essentially kicks it away from Perry onto Doan's tape.

Why was he so high up when they were curling into the defensive zone?

Frenchy seemed a little too eager to begin a rush and served up the winner.

A point's nice, and it's great to see them erase a two goal hole.

And they in all probability would've gotten smoked in a shootout anyway, but still, lame way to lose.

Earl Sleek said...

Yeah, with one scorer on eight shootout attempts, I wouldn't be holding my breath.

But hey, I got my wish. Got to see the Ducks score 2 5-on-4, nearly score another, and allow 2 the other way.

Next time I'll kill for a win instead.

spade-in-victorhell said...

HUSKINS reminded me yesterday why his hype early this season was pre-mature ejaculation..and why he belongs on the 3rd pairing....that goal where him and clueless hnidy went after the same guy and left a guy in the most dangerous position on the ice all alone did it for me...

i know being on hnidy's line really makes u want to suck too...but damn..it was acutally hnidy's man not huskins...huskins fucked that one on up....

there was a couple times last nite (like on that play..the overtime winner, etc.) where i swear i heard the benny hill music playing in the background while the ducks where chasing and giving up pucks

on the bright side...scheindemeyer is on fire...has a point in ever game since hes back

spade-in-victorhell said...

whoops mispoke...every game except the ass kicking we recieved on monday

Earl Sleek said...

there was a couple times last nite (like on that play..the overtime winner, etc.) where i swear i heard the benny hill music playing in the background while the ducks where chasing and giving up pucks

This is the comment of the day. Especially in that overtime, man. What a circus.

As for Huskins, yeah he needs a better partner. I think he's overcompensating for Hnidy's ineffectiveness. I know that I was hoping for a different outcome when Hnidy went down to the ice last night ("Damn. He came back.").