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Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome to the NHL

I'm guessing rookie Devin Setoguchi is enjoying a nice flight back to California with the rest of his Shark teammates. His day began preparing for his 1st ever NHL game. He started on a 3rd line but by the 3rd period he found himself on a line with Joe Thornton and Milan Michalek. To top off his night, he scored two 3rd period goals within 3 mins of each other including the game winner in San Jose's 4-2 win in Dallas. He was smart and did what any Thornton linemate should do when Joe has the puck, go to the net and have your stick on the ice. Both of his goals were carbon copies with Joe camping behind the net and looking out front for a streaking Seto who one-timed it both times past Marty Turco. Seto looked like a young...well shall I say... Jonathan Cheechoo. Speaking of which, what has happened to the guy who scored 56 goals just 2 years ago. Tonight we started on the 4th line and played only 9:48. He did have one assist and cancelled out an icing late in the game with his hustle, but he just doesn't look like the same player. Could it be he is still not over his injury he suffered in the 1st round of the playoffs last year? He does have 2 goals and 3 assists this season which is decent, but he is not getting his normal scoring chances even when playing with Thornton.

3 days off and a home and home series with the LA Kings this weekend.


Earl Sleek said...

Jonathan Cheechoo. Speaking of which, what has happened to the guy who scored 56 goals just 2 years ago.

Wait a second. You're not the real Cheechew? I was wondering why you didn't put 56 goals on your BoC application.

But I'm cool with Setoguchi. For one, he's on my fantasy team. And secondly, anyone who gets Versus to shut up about Mike Modano (even for a few minutes) is good by me.

Patty (in Dallas) said...

I went to the game so I haven't seen the Versus version of it yet. I am almost more relieved that Roenick didn't get a goal than I am mad that we lost.

And, not to diminish the Sharks' game because they did a good job, but sheesh, I could have had a couple of takeaways in that game.

Mike said...

I wonder if Cheech's scant ice time is just due to him playing on the 4th line. He's not a guy that creates his own chances through speed and puckhandling. He's a guy that takes advantages of soft spots in the slot, and has the fastest release and the most accurate shot on the team. But as we all witness every game- he ain't the best skater.

If RW doesn't give him a decent center to give him chances, he will continue to flounder. I would pair him with Marleau, and fine 'em if they don't get 4 shots apiece. MAKE them shoot.

Megalodon said...

Cheechoo is still skating hard, as we saw with that key play on the icing at the end of the game. Setoguchi has to be Thornton's new pal though - those two goals last night both looked exactly like dozens that Cheechoo scored in his big season. Let's hope the chemistry continues.

Ian said...

Cheechoo == Brett Hull
The key with Hull was to use him effectively. The same goes with Cheechoo. He won't create offense by himself, but he'll bury his chances once he gets going. And Cheech has one hell of a one-timer, just like Hull.

Cheechoo always starts slow. I wish it weren't so, but at least he's working hard. He'll go on a hot streak at some point.

Julian said...

Let's bear in mind the Sharks haven't played the Ducks yet. If history is any indicator Chechoo will pot 4 goals in 9:48 against the Ducks.

cs said...

Cheechoo only had 7 goals on Nov. 30, 2005 when Joe showed up and managed to get 56. Last year he started slow as well and once he started playing better defensively RW moved him back up with Joe.

This was Cheechoo's best defensive game of the year so he should be moved up a line or two and start to score as usual.

Setoguchi isn't facing the same defense as Cheechoo would be since he was an unknown until last night...if both of them could start scoring it will be a great year for the Sharks.

Julian said...

If Setoguchi was out with Thornton I'm pretty sure they were tough minutes.

Earl Sleek said...

If Setoguchi was out with Thornton I'm pretty sure they were tough minutes.

Depends on who's talking. I usually use "tough minutes" to refer to minutes where you play against Joe Thorntons, not with them. But certainly, Thornton will be seeing the opponent's top defenders, which is also "tough", in its own way.

Maybe we need clearer terminology. I tried once to call the Pahlsson minutes (where you'd face off against Thornton) as "murderer's minutes", but it hasn't really caught on.

JD said...

I'm excited to see what the Sharks look like against Pacific Division opponents. We're one month into the season and we haven't seen a Sharks vs. Ducks or Sharks vs. Kings matchup.

This weekend's home and home against Los Angeles should be a good test of whether or not the Sharks are settling into the world beater identity that so many expect of them. It will also be interesting to see whether or not the Kings continue their improbable winning ways.

Julian was right about Seto and tough minutes (where tough minutes mean facing top defenders), but I imagine even he'd pot a goal or two with Jumbo Joe as his pivot.

Anonymous said...

Seto looked good in preseason and showed he can score in a regular season game. Once the Sharks play the Kings and Ducks Cheechoo will get a couple of hat tricks each and be able to pad his stats again.

smew said...

seto is the man because he's half asian.