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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Consistently Inconsistent

After starting the season alternating wins and losses in their first 7 games, the Sharks seemed to find their rhythm after back to back victories versus Nashville and Calgary. The Sharks dominated Calgary and headed for a team building trip to Banff, Alberta highlighted by a Curling tournament. They seemed to leave those good feelings as well as their game in Canada as they fell flat on their face versus the Red Wings. Once again the Wings skated circles around the bigger Sharks as they dominated them for the second time in 8 days. The only highlight was Alexei Semenov's late PP goal to deny Chris Osgood of a shutout. Not much time to lick their wounds as they must strap it on again in less than 24 hours as they have an afternoon affair in Columbus. I was thinking that Thomas Greiss might get his first start of the year today but with the Detroit blowout, Evgeni Nabokov got to rest most of the 3rd period.

News out of Worcester is that Sandis Ozolinsh was let out of his minor league contract and has flown back to San Jose to skate. He will probably skate with the team after they arrive back in town next week. More news on this to come.


CS said...

Cheechew - Greiss has been in Worcester since the start of the season. It would be Patzold who would get his first NHL start and I wouldn't be surprised to see it regardless of the rest Naby got in Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Still 3rd in the division and thats all that matters.I don't blame Naby, I blame everyone else.Also we always kill Nashville.

RudyKelly said...

I don't think having a curling tournament is the reason the Sharks never make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs... but I don't think it helps.

Oh, and welcome!

Earl Sleek said...

Yeah, we are negligent bloghosts for sure.

(clears throat) Attention, everyone! Welcome aboard to our newest contributor, Cheechew! Mike Chen, finding out how busy real life can be, has recruited us some help on the Sharks end of things, and we're excited for the help.

Let's make him feel welcome as he gets a feel for this blogging thing.

Oh, and Rudy, the Sharks have made it past the 2nd round before. Don't forget how they choked in the WCF against 7th-seeded Calgary and a goalie that they drafted. :)

RudyKelly said...

That must have been before the curling tournament started.

Megalodon said...

Welcome aboard, Cheechew! Let's hope you have a better season than your moose-eating namesake.

Ozolinsh is not the answer to the Sharks' problems. He's just a distraction.

I don't care how well the Sharks do this season, no matter how many other teams they can beat up on - if they can't beat Detroit, I am worried. The Sharks were completely outclassed in this last game, and until they prove they can at least compete with the Red Wings, then I don't like their playoff chances.

Cheechew said...

My bad, I knew Patzold was the backup, had Greiss on the mind as I was talking to a buddy who asked me who had the better upside. 2 Mins in the box for me.

Mike Chen said...

Ah, the first-post jitters. That's ok, Cheechew's off to a better start than Cheechoo.