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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vote Sleek/Pronger in 2008

Yahoo's Puck Daddy blog by Greg Wyshynski is holding a poll to nominate the slogan for Chris Pronger's page on hockey-reference.com for the next year.

Sleek's entry, "When authorities take away your right to elbow, don't forget that you have stomping options. -- by Earl Sleek" is in third place with 27% after 1062 votes.

Vote early, and if you are deceased and reside in Chicago, vote often.

[Update] Also watch this highlight video of Sunday's Formula 1 race in Monaco. I turned down an opportunity to travel to Monaco this year to cover the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It was worth it.


Will said...

Why are my 2 favorites the bottom 2 (in order no less)? Does that say something about my sense of humor? Don't worry though, I supported the cause (aka Earl).

Earl Sleek said...

Why are my 2 favorites the bottom 2 (in order no less)?

It looks to be alphabetical.

At any rate, thanks for bringing this up, PJ. Greg sent me a note about this, but I've been slammed with work (and BSG) lately and forgot to point it out.

Remember: A vote for Sleek is a vote for freedom.

Doogie said...

As the owner of the second-least-popular comment, I must say I am dismayed. Fuck freedom, vote for the two-year-old joke.

Morbo said...


You turned down a chance to see Monaco GP for the SCP? Bah. Bad decision making. ;)

It was one of the best Monaco GPs in recent memory. Rain + Monaco + No traction control = Best F1 race of the season. Watching them put a F1 car in a controlled rear end drift accelerating out of Rascasse. Come on!

Will said...

Haha. No offense Sleek, but I meant the bottom 2 vote-getters. Continuing the trend though, you were definitely my third favorite (doubt that makes you feel any better) and I voted for you out of loyalty.

Earl Sleek said...

Woo hoo! I can live with third favorite.

And as I'm always learning on the Galactica, there's nothing as precious as loyalty.

p.s. I really like Doogie's submission also. Stupid popularity.

Ian said...

For what it's worth, Sleek, yours is the most clever. I voted for Freedom.

PJ Swenson said...

What is your campaign platform on higher beer prices?

Doogie said...

I don't like beer, personally, but I believe it's an individual choice. If cheap beer is what the people want, cheep beer is what people get.

Earl Sleek said...

What is your campaign platform on higher beer prices?

If it means lower liquor prices, I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

To follow the Chicago code of "vote early and often", you can vote multiple times if you clear cookies from your browser and go back into the poll. You've got about 10 votes from me!