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Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's hard out here for a Pimp Hockey Fan

It's good that the Stars won today, but damn if I didn't realize that the game would be on at 1:30 ET. Silly little me, I thought the networks and NHL might develop consistency or predictability in their broadcast schedule. Silly little me.

Honestly, when I slept like a college student today (till frickin' 3 p.m.), I thought I would feel guilty for wasting my day. But instead I feel angry that I missed a spirited showing from the Stars.

Ultimately, it's my fault for missing the game today. But would it be too much to ask that the TV schedules be a little bit less erratic? Last weekend, the games went from NBC in the mid-afternoon to Versus in the normal 7:30 ET time slot. Then it up and changed again.

On the bright side, the Stars are back in the series (or at least earned some respect). It sure would have been a nice thing to see...


brokeyard said...

I slept through the game too, but I'm on the west coast, and I am a college student, and it was the first day of summer vacation, so my excuse is valid.

You? You're just lazy. ;)

jamestobrien said...

Haha fair enough.

By the way, I remember that you said you're a fan of NHL 08. My gamertag is jimbobri if you're interested in a rumble or two.

Angie said...

You clearly aren't glued to the schedule like some of us are. If you do the little things, like check it each night before going to bed, you'll know what time the next game is. As well as what channel.

And yes, I realize, it's normally just females that pre-plan like that. And why I didn't miss the game.

jamestobrien said...

Yeah, it would probably help if I slowed my drinking down too.

Earl Sleek said...

I actually tuned into the game, and then had the bad ice and the sloppy play put me to sleep.

So maybe it wouldn't have made a difference.

Lola said...

Amen, Angie. I made extra sure I wouldn't miss this game either.

As Sleek said, play was sleep-inducing at times, but as this was possibly an elimination game there was still some excitement.

However, the last few minutes of play were a bit nervewracking - you know, spent yelling at the Stars to not blow the lead, etc. I am glad they listened... ;)