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Friday, May 16, 2008

Barry Melrose still interested in coaching, says San Jose Sharks at the top of anyone's list

I spoke briefly with ESPN analyst and former Kings coach Barry Melrose today to see if he was still interested in coaching, if he would be interested in the opening with the San Jose Sharks, and if he thought the lineup in San Jose was more talented than the Detroit Red Wings or Dallas Stars. His answers were yes, yes and yes.

The full post is on Sharkspage here. At the State of the Sharks question and answer session next tuesday, President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Jamison, Sharks Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Wilson and Sharks forward Jonathan Cheechoo will be available to answer questions.


Anonymous said...

Barry Melrose....assuming he does come to San Jose (which I doubt) I think it will be at a detriment to the club.

Yes, he brings charisma, and as Drew mentioned, personality that teammates love.

But, can you believe the shit this club and its fans will take if we bow out of the 2nd round again?

As a fan I don't want to hear "Haha you brought in Melrose (post-mullet) and your team still can't make it!"

Also, as a fan, I don't want the sharks to be the beneficiary of everyones "sexy pick" next year.

Anonymous said...

Melrose would be fine.

PJ Swenson said...

I don't think there is really a lot that a new coach would need to do. The talent level is there, strong defense and goaltending provide a solid base, and the assistant coaches Tim Hunter and Rob Zettler would help a new coach hit the ground running.

Motivation, confidence, consistency. I think almost all of the candidates discussed this week could provide that. The only thing I think working against Barry Melrose is the fact that he is not enough of a different direction than Ron Wilson.

But that is just my opinion, we will see what Greg Jamison and Doug Wilson say about that next week.

Aaron said...

I think Melrose would bring two interesting things to the table that Ron Wilson perhaps did not. 1. Melrose clearly believes this team can win with the talent it has, something I'm not sure Ron Wilson can claim. RW and the rest of his staff spent a lot of time trying to fit square pegs into round holes, moving guys all over the lineup, trying to make offensive players play defense and vice versa. If Melrose has a plan for where each player fits and how to best utilize the skills of each man it might be a big improvement. He also believes that they can and should be the most physical team in the league, and if he can get them to bring that on a nightly basis the Sharks will be much improved. 2. One of my biggest complaints about this team over the last two years is that they don't really seem to enjoy playing together all that much. Every player in the NHL wants to win for themselves, but in my opinion to go deep in the playoffs you have to want it for your teammates as much as you want it for yourself. You have to enjoy playing together and being together because at some point, like say when your heading into a 4th OT and you have nothing left in the tank, "I don't want to say goodbye yet" can become that crucial little piece of motivation that can get you through. If Melrose, described as a player's coach, can get the guys to enjoy playing together, enjoy coming to the rink every day, and generally just enjoy the process as much as the result the team may be able to go to that next level. This is not to say everyone on the team has to be childhood best friends, but when you look historically at winning teams most have had a lot of fun and used that to become greater than the sum of their parts. From everything I've read about RW it seemed like he favored scare tactics and humiliation as motivation, so maybe it's time for a little less stick and a little more carrot. Regardless of whether it's mullet time or not I think the Sharks need a coach who is upfront, honest, and most importantly consistent, both in the way he utilizes players during games and the way he treats them afterwards. No more anonymous media comments along the lines of "there are guys who need to step up and they know who they are." Don't say anything to the media the player hasn't already heard, and if you have to say something be a man and put a name to it. The passive aggressive style of coaching has got to go.

brokeyard said...

if he thought the lineup in San Jose was more talented than the Detroit Red Wings or Dallas Stars

You must have forgot to mention "at hockey"

Stars Fan stuck in Phoenix said...

What brokeyard said...

I don't know whether he'd be a good coach or not, but I can't stand him. Bringing in Barry Melrose to coach would be like bringing back Bryan Marchment.