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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

The Stars made like The Undertaker and sat up unexpectedly against the Red Wings (I can almost imagine Ken Hitchcock as Paul Bearer - all you need is an urn and some makeup). So, for the second time in this playoffs, I have decided to break out some lucky charms:

Brett Hull's lucky rabbit foot-in-the crease

The exorcised beard trimmings of Mike Modano

...And the combined might of Dave Tippett and Hitch's 'staches!!

Beat that, Ted Nugent!


kevin said...

I've always thought that Ken Hitchcock looked like Paul Bearer, but I've been mocked too many times over my use of pro wrestling references to publicly share my opinion.

Anonymous said...

howcome you only show up when the stars are winning?

jamestobrien said...

I'd argue my best post of the playoffs was after a Stars loss.


But hey, why would facts matter when you're anonymously posting?