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Friday, May 09, 2008

San Jose Injury List

Courtesy of Working The Corners:

Devin Setoguchi: Left shoulder, sports hernia.
Mike Grier: Right knee.
Patrick Rissmiller: Sports hernia.
Kyle McLaren: Knee, plus recovery from groin injury.

Brian Campbell: Knee, shoulder.
Craig Rivet: Wrist, knee, elbow.
Patrick Marleau: Shoulder.
Joe Thornton: Right knee (hurt in final playoff game).
Curtis Brown: Left hand.

Christian Ehrhoff: Ankle sprain.
Milan Michalek: Shoulder injury (hurt in final playoff game).
Douglas Murray: Wrist pain.
Jeremy Roenick: Rib cage.
Jonathan Cheechoo: Knee sprain.


Daniel said...

The list is the same for every other team, just switch the names. Everyone has an injury, we can't use this as an excuse.

RudyKelly said...

This isn't an excuse if it's hockey because, as you said, everyone is injured. Other athletes use it as an excuse, but hockey players just acknowledge it as fact. To me it's more of another example of how awesome hockey players are. I mean, playing through a sports hernia? That's awesome.

Daniel said...

Very true Rudy.

I must be a giant pussy then, I complain about a stomach cramp when I am playing, but they are annoying.

RudyKelly said...

I once broke my middle finger playing hockey in the 2nd period of the game. I finished the game and then asked a teammate to loosen my skate because my hand was all puffed up.

I got called a pussy.

Mike in OC said...

I hope this is not an excuse, but why post this anyway if it's anything but an excuse?

I know San Jose got pretty beat up in the Calgary series, but to be truthful if they would have just dominated them and finished them off in 4 games they would have been much healthier for Dallas.

I'm losing faith guys...

Earl Sleek said...

It's a revelation, at least. There's nothing wrong with posting this list, I think. It's a feature that arises from injury secrecy in the playoffs.

Yeah, injuries happen and they need to be dealt with, but it's still revealing to find out exactly what we've not been talking about through two rounds.

Anonymous said...

sports hernia!!!! That has to be painful.

Mike Chen said...

Not an excuse list at all, just posted it because it's something people are curious about. For me, the only thing it explains is why Grier didn't seem to have the usual jump he had. However, that doesn't excuse his goof on Ribiero in overtime.