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Sunday, May 11, 2008

To goal or not to goal: what the process to decide a video reviewed goal must look like in Toronto

Some clever blogger(s) decided that the NHL uses an arbitrary wheel to decide suspensions, but after watching Brenden Morrow and Sidney Crosby get robbed of goals because of context (or cowardice or stupidity), I'm guessing that the Toronto video goal judging looks a lot like this:


Mike in OC said...

That was weak. If the goalie is pushed past the goal line it's a goal, they do not "have to clearly see white between the goal line and the puck" so WTF is different here?

You know where the puck is (under the glove), and you know that if the puck advances any further it is past the line. It advances for 2 more frames after the glove is above it. Use you fuckin head people.

I think Earl called it. There is no wheel, they get in a circle, turn off the video monitor, and ask the group "which way will this call help extent this series?"

Bryan said...

I concur on that. Alfredson kicking in a goal.

Mr. Plank said...

For what it's worth The Pensblog has some pictures up on a post called "Jobbin' Ain't Easy" that show the puck is over the line. Don Cherry said it best when he said, "That goal line must have been painted in 1992." Pittsburgh really should repaint that thing so it's a lot more definitive.