Takes and trash talk from both ALL sides of the NHL's most obscure PATHETIC* rivalry

* Thanks, Kevin Lowe!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


jamestobrien said...

Brothers don't shake hands.

Brothers gotta hug.

Morbo said...


Mr. Plank said...

Not to be a douche and stray everyone away from the great BOC, but for any Sharks fans out there I have an open forum on webleedteal.blogspot.com concerning Ron Wilson's future with the Sharks. Love to hear your thoughts (Earl and Rudy definitely included in that).

Translation: I need page hits. Just kidding. Seriously though.

Mr. Plank said...

Looking back on the last month or so, I'm starting to think Rudy is taking a liking to Team Teal.


Because he can relate to disappointment and the cruelness of the hockey world.

Note: This is in no way a jab

RudyKelly said...

Yep, the Kings and the Sharks are in the exact same situation. 40 years of buffoonery and incompetence is exactly the same as losing in the 2nd round of the playoffs 3 years in a row.

Mr. Plank said...

To be fair, have the Kings ever been a front-running pick to win the Stanley Cup three years in a row, only to be knocked out in the second round? Not a historian, but it burns just a little more in my opinion. Of course I'm a little biased.

40 years is a long time though. Whatever. The smog in LA probably corrupts some brain cells, so you're playing with a disadvantage.