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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why the Kings are less popular than the rival Ducks

Besides the obvious winning aspect the Ducks have over the cross town Los Angles Kings, i feel that its more of advertising. The Kings have great young talent and once they solve a few minor issues in the line-up the team could be very dangerous in the Pacific division. So why are the celebrities going to Ducks games? It's not just the Ducks winning, its not that Orange County is more hockey friendly, if anything its not. The issue is poor Kings marketing, which even for a Ducks fan like me makes me sad.

Heres my evidence of poor Kings advertising:

Its a great thought, but i feel like the Kings organization hired the guys from South Park to do this. If the Kings chose to make a more flashy appeal to fans, maybe they would be able to build a great fan base for all the young talent they have.

I would even go as far as using the previous Kings video posted on here by another writer as a female advertisement to gain Kings fans. Call it Kings All access!

*Disclaimer*- This is purely a joke, and in no way do I mean any disrespect to Kings fans. I am in no way a Kings fan but would like to see them do well and I am excited for the future of Kings hockey with all the young talent. Anyway, enjoy the video. Its a little more G rated than some I've seen on here.


RudyKelly said...

Yeah, I'm really broken up that Brett Michaels eschews the Kings in favor of the Ducks.

Alexander Dubcek said...

I was more troubled when I saw Snoop wearing a Ducks jersey during the postseason a couple of years ago, but I think he lost a little cred with me when I read somewhere that he has a home in Chino Hills. Chino? Eww!

Plus, it made for one of the more stunning interviews I've ever seen, when CBC's Scott Oake interviewed Snoop during an intermission in Anaheim and pulled off the Snoop-speak.

Scott Oake interviews Snoop

Ken said...

Yea, some celebs are cool with sports, like Nickalson at the Lakers games. Snoop...i dunno...Id perfer someone who might actually know hockey. I mean the Stars have Modano's wife Willa Ford. Now thats a celebrity id like cheering for my team! lol

Nut said...

This is a ludicrous post.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think that this post had anything to say. There's always nearly a huge contingent of King's fan at ducks games, but you don't see the same number of Ducks fans at King's games. Plus, that's kind of a cool commercial.

brokeyard said...

Its a great thought, but i feel like the Kings organization hired the guys from South Park to do this.

If that had happened it would have actually been funny.

Plus they're Avalanche fans.

Scott Thornton said...

Ducks' fan base would be half its size if it weren't for all the band-wagoners.

Ken said...

just wanted to an excuse to spread this video. Weak post on my part but its funny as hell.

Anonymous said...

Overreaction? Ken's only been doing this a week and this is his first attempt at poking fun of Kings fans and they are up in arms.

Alexander Dubcek said...

This is two references to Dustin Brown's package in a week.

You know, BoC turned into a hard-core porno channel so gradually, I barely noticed it.

Mike in OC said...

Plus, that's kind of a cool commercial.

Let's not get carried away. All of you Kings fans know that is one, if not thee, worst comercial out to promote an NHL team. You are just biased because it's for the Kings. Had they done that for the Ducks you would see just how lame it is, and we would never live it down (Like Emilio E.).

Nice find Ken.

Earl Sleek said...

You know, BoC turned into a hard-core porno channel so gradually, I barely noticed it.

With the rising price of oil, our investment team sat down and decided that we needed to re-focus on cheaper commodities, like internet porn.

Oh, and as for "Why the Kings are less popular than the rival Ducks", I don't think you need to look much further than the words "winning" and "cup". Still, I won't begrudge Kings fans for supporting their team, especially those hardcore enough to stick with the lean-times team.

Heaven knows those are the fans I'd rather hang out with than the ones that have converted to Ducks fans in the last eighteen months.