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Friday, June 27, 2008

Anaheim Ducks Waive Convicted Criminal

"Big Bert" as he is know, mostly to add the cute cuddly image to the reformed Vancouver Canucks goon, has been dropped by the Anaheim Ducks. By waiving the underachieving forward the Ducks hope to buyout his contract and use his $4 million on re-signing valuable forwards such as Teemu Selanne and Corey Perry.

The Ducks will probably look to add grit in Bertuzzi's place if he is replaced by free agency, luckily Sean Avery is too expensive, thank god we don't need more goons on our team.


VeryProudofYa said...

welll, I think that caphit for the buyout is something like 1.3 mil for each of the next two years. I wonder how they'll spend the 'extra' 2.7. Is it enough to sign perry? They've already removed the 1mil + that was due for bergeron.

OR, do you think schnieder's still headed out?

Ken said...

I think we need to keep Schiender, but i dont know what Burke is thinking now. Plus we need to remember 3.5 mil from the loss of Weight since he wont be re-signed.

Earl Sleek said...

OR, do you think schnieder's still headed out?

Oh, I hope so. Nothing against the guy, but this team has a defense that survives without him for sure, and if Bert's out of the picture, will need fortification among the forwards.

Plus we need to remember 3.5 mil from the loss of Weight since he wont be re-signed.

Well hell, that's already been spent (plus more) on Getzlaf's raise, and plus that's another forward (or occasional healthy scratch) that needs replacing.

VeryProudofYa said...

i dunno about replacing weight, it seemed like carter was his replacement during the time he wasn't nursing that incredibly fluky wrist injury. Really though, the big gap seems to be on left wing? Assuming Ryan stays on the right side that's a pretty big hole in the top six. The whole team LOOKS pretty set as it is except for a first line lw assuming teemu returns, of course

Pahlsson unit
goon squad + breaking ryan in further


The UFA left wings of note are stillman (doubt it) huselius (doubt it) and rolston (would give me wood if he signed)
Rolston will definitely command a high salary, but with schnieder out it's certainly something that's inside the realm of possibility.
Doubly so if they can get marchant's 2.5 million out of town.

Ah, speculation. Hurry up get here, july 1st.