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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Don't Know What These Mean

Ducks owner Henry Samueli pled guilty to doing rich white guy things and will have to pay a $12.2 million dollar fine. No prison, of course, because he's a rich white guy and this is Southern California. Anyway, does this mean the Ducks are going to move to Hamilton and Earl is going to have to become my butler? Probably!

In other news, Luc Robitaille is apparently not "lucky" in his friends, as he has been connected to William "Boots" Del Baggio III (there are 3 "Boots'" running around?) in some sort of loan investment thing. Who am I, Donald Trump, leave me alone. I guess you could say he was "knocking boots" with Boots. Luc'll be fine, it just kinda makes him look bad. The article also implies that AEG loaned Boots money in exchange for a possible move of the Predators to Kansas City some day. Does this mean the Predators are going to move to Nashville and Earl is going to have to become my butler? Probably!

Edit: And now Samueli has been suspended indefinitely by the league. Wow?


Ken said...

actually, i think since the Ducks are in both Henry, and Susan's name (to my knowledge) any trouble he gets into (unless he does something bad and the nhl steps in) will not affect the team. Nice way of summing up the story tho with "rich white guy stuff"

a hockey team in Kansas City would be nice, but ill keep dreaming.

Mike in OC said...

They should put Pronger in there as acting owner until this thing blows over.... What the hell is with this team and suspensions!

Alexander Dubcek said...

What the hell is with this team and suspensions!

New Ducks marketing slogan for 2008-09: Thug culture, from the owner's box to the penalty box.

Hey, I root for a team that has used "Play Hard!" and "We play for L.A." as its slogans the past two seasons.

James Mirtle said...

In return for setting up this site, Earl agreed to be my butler should the Ducks cease to exist.


Earl Sleek said...

Yeah, sorry Rudy, but you are pretty low on my "next to butler" list.

Besides, I think you can get a butler in the draft, no? Youth movement!