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Monday, June 02, 2008

Best Stanley Cup Finals game of the 2000s?

Did we just witness the best game of this almost-decade? Just wondering.

(And I'm not just saying that because it delayed the awful Jay Leno for an hour...)

(Also, I wish Rudy Kelly was around to see whether or not he thought the officiating was awful.)

(Pensblog is going to be burning the midnight crack-of-dawn oil for this one...what a game...)

(OK, I'll stop...)


Earl Sleek said...

I can't be objective on this one, as the Ducks have played two of the Finals you want to ignore.

Personally, no game ever was as exciting to me as 2003 G6 -- the death and resurrection of Paul Kariya. However, that wasn't the "best" game; just the most personally exciting.

As for non-Duck games, I can't help thinking of the 2000 clinching game though -- I can still see Elias-to-Arnott in double-OT while Sykora sat in a hospital. That was a pretty awesome game, and did win me a sweet sum in Vegas to boot.

Mike in OC said...

Awesome game.

I have to bring up the fact that Frazen tried to kill M.A.F. with his skate blade and NOBODY says shit. No mention on TSN, no call from that web site to the leauge to re-review the incident at all.

I could care a less about Pronger, but I HATE Double standards. Imagine if that was Pronger kicking the Pitts goalie.....Jeeez

I hope the Pens can pull a win in game 6.

brokeyard said...

I noticed EXACTLY what Mike in OC noticed, and was thinking "Wow, Pronger would have been tossed from another 8 games." I was at least hoping they'd put him in the box instead of Zetterberg, but nope.

But yes it was a great game... watched the whole thing, and I must say, I didn't expect the Penguins to tie it in regulation or to win it in overtime, but they did, so good for them.

Earl Sleek said...

Yeah, I'd react to that Pronger-discrepancy but as noted above, I only got to see the 3rd OT. Nice of them to not decide that game until my super-long workday was over, though.

Morbo said...

Calling his shot. That's so frigging awesome.

I still like this Sykora OT winner better though.