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Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey, Guess Who Sucks?

The Kings have set about to buy out Dan Cloutier, because this wasn't the right situation for him... no wait, it was because he sucked and then tried to blacken the franchise's reputation. Anyway, the Kings put him on waivers and tried to buy him out, but Cloutier is now claiming he is still injured and can thus has to remain with the team. I'm not quite sure why he's making this an issue; if he doesn't get bought out, the Kings will likely put him on long-term IR and he'll get $3 million but he won't get to sign with anyone else. If he's bought out he gets $2 million over 2 years, meaning he'd get more money in the long run. I don't know, I'm confused, but basically Dan Cloutier is a plague.


Mike said...

He doesn't have much of a chance of getting a job with another team, so getting $3M to sit on the bench is better than being unemployed for $2M.

Anonymous said...

He is chalking up quite the load of bad karma. One day it's all going to come back to him and he is going to wake up with the head of his first born child at the foot of his bed.

Earl Sleek said...

basically Dan Cloutier is a plague

So far as I see it, there's only two solutions:

a) The one I've suggested since day one -- starring a die-hard Kings fan and a gun.

b) Coach Cloutier. Everyone wins! (That is, everyone who visits Staples Center.)

Sarah said...

This guy has balls. Just when I think he can't be any more of a douche, he goes and does something douchey.

And anonymous is right. The karma clock is ticking

Alexander Dubcek said...

What's really audacious is how this wasn't a case of the Kings saying, "Yeah, he's physically able to play, he just sucks and we want to move on," then giving him the obligatory physical before buying him out. The original medical exam said he was able to play, so Cloutier asked for a second opinion. The second opinion said he's able to play, so Cloutier now wants a third opinion.

I think Cloutier's just going to appeal until he gets the answer he wants, which means he'll keep pressing for this until A) he finds a quack, or B) he finds a doctor who actually saw Cloutier play over the past two seasons, who would thus know there's no way in hell Cloutier can play.

Ksy92003 said...

Why don't they just trade him to Pittsburgh for Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby? Cloutier is making about as much to do nothing but sit in the doctor's office as Malkin and Crosby are to lead the team to the Stanley Cup finals.. or at least it seems that way.