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Monday, June 23, 2008

Being Awesome is Difficult Work

It's not easy being George Parros. You have to fight people, for one thing, and that's never easy. There's the moustache upkeep and the long hair that you have to cut every year for charity, plus all the tax services he undoubtedly does for his teammates. Finally, he has to constantly work so that his act doesn't get stale. So what do you do to keep your name (and legend) from fading into obscurity? Well, you do stuff like go to a Newport Beach tattoo parlor in a tiny girl's shirt.

It's the little things that make George Parros so great.

Also, what does you think Perry got tattooed on his side? I'm thinking one of three things:

1) Wild Wing
2) Ryan Getzlaf's face
3) Half-completed dick (had to stop because it hurt too much)

Puck Daddy has more.


brokeyard said...

Parros got half a dick too, but he had to stop because it didn't hurt enough.

Earl Sleek said...

Perry probably got a tattoo of Jose Theodore's skateblade, with the caption "Never again".

Or something.

VeryProudofYa said...

Well I guess when you've TKO'd two players over the course of the season you get a little bit of leeway.

Pretty sure that exceeds it, though.

Anonymous said...

Wow. At least in that video with Brownie, he was emphasizing the fact that he's a man.

I've always hated Parros...

Anonymous said...

Too bad they werent at a tatoo parlor.

Sharkeez is bar :)

Sorry to ruin your joke!