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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The salary cap: $56.7 million

In other words, the cap increased by Brian Campbell's expected annual salary.

More on free agents over the weekend...(In fact, I might make this a running thread)


Mike in OC said...

Ducks just waived Bertuzzi.

Good ridance.

Morbo said...

Woohoo, party time.

So the grand total sum = lose Andy Mac, team gets "Bertuzzied" for 07-08 season, and now we have to pay the disgusting meat bag 1.3 mil a year.

Should have never signed the POS.

Alexander Dubcek said...

Is Earl dead? In the last 24 hours the news has broke about both Niedermayer's return and the Bertuzzi buyout, and he's posted nothing. Did he go on an early weekend bender? Should we be concerned?

Mike in OC said...

Yup, we ate shit on this one. Nobody will claim him for sure.

We must be in cap hell to waive him so we can eat 1 million less of his 4 mil., but spread out over 2 seasons. I would have preferred to just bite the bullet and keep him.

Now he is going to get 3 million from us, plus probably sign on with Van. Or San Jose and come here and score on us or hit our guys. How fun will that be watching him score on us knowing we are also paying his salary as he try’s to beat us?

Hopefully, he really is the permanent suck.

Mike in OC said...

Earl is in Atlanta, he said to expect his responses at odd hours.

Earl Sleek said...

Is Earl dead?

I just got off a plane to find out this news (I knew about Niedermayer of course, but have been caught in full-day meetings).

I'll get a good synopsis post together tomorrow of a lot of Ducks items probably, but here's a synopsis:

Hiller, Sutherby contracts: good
Niedermayer returning: great
Samueli suspended: whatever
Ducks losing money with a $50M salary total: bullshit
Bertuzzi attempted buyout: I hate it.

a) it's a contract year for Bert, and I don't mind the gamble of this year as much as the two-year prospect last year.
b) Burke's emphasis should be on making the blueline more affordable.
c) I thought that at the end of the year, when Bert was centered by Ryan Carter, that it actually seemed to work decently (Carter backchecks for two).
d) Maybe most importantly, now Burke is playing with next year's salary cap: this should be mostly hands-off territory if he's really off to Toronto.

It's not hugely tragic, but I would have said unless a trade was available (dubious), Bert should play out this year as contracted. I think that one year of Bert at $4M is worth the risk, or at least a better alternative than the buyout strategy, which I think should be reserved for teams that are rich, not ones that are crying poor.

Ian said...

As an outsider, and a fan of a rival, I kind of like watching the Ducks scramble to deal with their lack of headroom with the salary cap. I say that with a bit of trepidation, though, as the Sharks may soon find themselves in a similar mess. But, Burke really has painted himself into a corner here. Makes you wonder how Kenny Holland in Detroit makes it looks so easy, huh?