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Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Like He's Trying to Kill Me

Inside the Kings passes along an AP story wherein Dean Lombardi states that he's "50/50" on whether to trade the 2nd pick. I would link to the AP story directly but they've decided that they want to go bankrupt and are now trying to charge money for quoting their stories if the quote is over 5 words long. Well, I didn't quote you, I just passed a link along. What now, bitches?* Anyway, saying you're 50/50 on something is bullshit. I'm going to get angina and I'm sending that fucking bill right to Lombardi's office because it's all his fault. You know that feeling you get when you fart and for a split-second you think with horror that a little something might have squeezed out? That's how I've felt this entire day.

Anyway, today has been full of craziness. Nobody knows what the fuck is going on (I don't think Dean even knows), so I suggest that you just spend tomorrow ignoring everything until the big show kicks off at 4 on Versus. I'm going up to the mountains to frolic for half the day and my phone probably won't work, so if something does go down I won't know about it. I'll be in the fresh air, surrounded by awe-inspiring trees that are over 2,000 years old... frantically trying to fashion a computer out of wood so I can hit the "refresh" button on TSN.ca 20 times a minute. Riddle me this, nature: if you're so great why do I not care about you at all? Fern Gully sucked, by the way.

*Please oh please don't sue me.


Earl Sleek said...

Riddle me this, nature: if you're so great why do I not care about you at all?

A beauty line, and a nice riddle, also.

Have a nice day away from the computer. Don't worry, it'll probably take TSN a day to find the record of the kid-nobody's-ever-heard-of-way-way-way-off-the-NHL-map that DL picks #2.

jamestobrien said...

Ah, Kings fans, getting all excited about the NHL draft.

So cute.

VeryProudofYa said...


I found this snippet mildly interesting:

"I’ve talked to (Kings GM) Dean (Lombardi) and he told me who they’re picking."

Mr. Plank said...

Cloutier is on waivers and Rudy doesn't even know it yet. How charming.

Earl Sleek said...

Well, I don't know if this is post-worthy, but I found this story pretty intriguing. Per this guy's opinion, lots of current Ducks were the best player ever picked in their specific draft position:

Best 3rd-overall pick: Scott Niedermayer
Best 10th-overall pick: Teemu Selanne
Best 13th-overall pick: J.S. Giguere
Best 23rd-overall pick: Todd Bertuzzi
Best 30th-overall pick: Randy Carlyle

Pronger was 2nd runner up for Best 2nd-overall pick, and Getzlaf and Perry got some love as "up-and-comers" (at spots 19 and 28).

Kind of interesting, because Getzlaf and Perry were the only ones mentioned that were actually drafted by the Ducks, but hey, at least these players made their way to Anaheim one way or another.

Alexander Dubcek said...

Do you think Rudy mentioned being out of touch from the NHL (and "in touch" with Ma Nature) as a sort of reverse jinx to ensure the Kings did something newsworthy, like kicking Cloutier to the Super 8, er, curb?

Of course, it'd be more fun to pull an elaborate prank on Rudy by texting him a bunch of fake transactions, like the Kings getting Evgeni Malkin for the rights to negotiate with Rob Blake.

Ken said...

"Hi, I'm with the Associated Press, we'd like to speak to you regarding our link and quoting our work."

Thats so stupid how AP is charging. I as well found the Brian Burke knowing who LA is drafting funny. Are these two like drinking buddy's or something?

The Malkin rumor is insane, and slightly stupid...but it would be an interesting turn of events and I have to admit id like it.

Happy Draft Day everyone! lol