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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Indistinct Chatter

-Hockey's Future writer David Ranier posted a Kings Draft Preview yesterday. It tells you everything you need to know about the Kings before the draft on Friday. He think the Kings will trade down and select Alex Pietrangelo, the big, mobile defenseman who probably has the highest upside of any player in the draft. Who would the Kings trade down to? Probably a team that wanted Nikita Filatov.

-There's a rumor making the rounds that a Joni Pitkanen for Mike Cammalleri swap may be in the works. It's from Eklund, which means that it's probably made up, but the deal does kind of make sense. Just thought you people might want to know these things.

-This trade was offered on Hockey's Future by some guy and I think it's my favorite trade proposal in the history of the internet:

Jack Johnson
#2 pick


Mattias Ohlund
Sammi Salo
Matt Pettinger

I think the Kings should do it.


JP said...

Definitely. Pettinger's easily worth the #2 pick and two defensemen are better than one (duh).

Scott Thornton said...

On Kings Vision they have a video of JJ being interviewed about being drafted to LA. When asked what the experience was like, he said:

"Yea, I know, it was a very remember-able experience..."

I am fairly confident that this will play into the idea of him being drafted.