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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hey, Remember This?

A year or so ago, Rich Hammond had an interview with Dean Lombardi wherein the Kings' GM unveiled what he would like to see the team looking like in a few years. Dean listed the team as follows:

Brown-( )-Cammalleri
Lewis-Cliche-Brady Murray/Tukonen

Johnson-( )
( )-Visnovsky
Harrold-( )

( )

Obviously a few things have changed since then (breakout seasons by almost everyone from the 2007 draft, for one), but you can see this line-up starting to take shape. Cammalleri has been replaced by Patrick O'Sullivan, Murray/Tukonen have been replaced by Moulson or Brad Richardson, and Zeiler I hope to God has been replaced by anyone. Trevor Lewis and Marc-Andre Cliche will probably play together in the AHL this season and then move up together as Michal Handzus and Kyle Calder move on.

Another thing I wonder when I look at this: could we see Frolov and Kopitar together this season? That would make a pretty devastating 1st line and Brown, O'Sullivan and Jarret Stoll would probably make an effective 2nd line. I'm not sure the wisdom in breaking Brown and Kopitar up, but I wouldn't be surprised if something like that happened. Just something to keep an eye on when training camp starts.


Connie said...

could we see Frolov and Kopitar together this season? That would make a pretty devastating 1st line and Brown

Do you think that'd cause the same thing as last season where it was perceived that Cammy, Kopi, and Brownie made the team extremely top-heavy? Although, I could argue that Sully, Stoll, and Purcell would make a killer second line....

RudyKelly said...

I'm not sure if Frolov-Kopitar-Purcell is any more top-heavy than O'Sullivan-Kopitar-Brown.

Doogie2K said...

By second line, do you mean a traditional second line, or a "real" second line, i.e. a checking line, traditionally numbered 3? Stoll might find his scoring touch again playing against weaksauce, but I'd be more inclined to think, looking at that depth chart, he's getting thrown to the wolves. Expect ten goals next year, nine of them PP slappers.

Connie said...

Rudy - I'd be interested to see if Fro-Kopi-Purcell would actually gel. Kopitar without Brown? But they's like peas and carrots.

Doogie - 10 goals? Hrm, better than Army at least...