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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Never forget about the Long Beach Ice Dogs

Long Beach Ice Dogs mascot Spike.


PJ Swenson said...

Interesting read from the Sports Business Journal about the ESPN empire:


Earl Sleek said...

That was a pretty interesting read, as a guy who's essentially stopped watching ESPN nearly completely.

Anonymous said...

Chris Pronger is a vile criminal that deserves to be hanged.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Ice Dogs because I could walk to their games

Sherry said...

Is it just me or does Spike not seem all that...um...child friendly?

PJ Swenson said...

It looks like more people were throwing the foam pucks at Spike than trying to hit the target at center ice.

It was not the best Ice Dogs game, only about 800 people for the first round of the playoffs. This was the game after Scott Gomez was checked into the open door on the bench and broke his hip. He was back 4 days later for this game, and he stood behind the bench.