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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Almost there...

The playoffs are almost upon us and things haven't really been looking particularly swell for the Stars since Brad Richards' ridiculous 5 point debut.

This is one of the strongest Stars teams in years, at least if their defense can get somewhat healthy, but if they draw the Ducks (they would if the playoffs started today) then it could be yet another ball breaking first round bed crapping.

But as difficult as that would be to watch, remember Stars fans, it could be worse (see: above).

Informal Poll:

Which all-time Stars YouTube moment is more embarrassing, the Ribeiro Emmy Award winning performance or...this?

Ouch. You gotta love how Ferraro just buries Stefan. Not surprisingly, Stefan's floating around somewhere in Europe, hoping those fans are too poor to afford access to YouTube and the Internet.

But, hey, chin up. It could ALWAYS be worse.


Doogie said...

I believe Ferraro played with Stefan in Atlanta his last year or two in the League. He may have a bit of a personal reason to hatchet him. That being said...ha ha ha ha ha ha...heh heh heh...ha ha...oh shit, that never gets old.

Hey, when the playoffs require running the table and/or praying for multiple other teams to shit their jocks, you gotta take what you can get.

Bryan said...

That Stefan highlight is great. That was a great game in general if you watched it from start to finish.

At least, you should feel somewhat comfortable that Dallas is the last team a Duck fan wants to see in the first round.

Jen said...

That Ribeiro video cracks me up everytime. And the Stefan video makes me cringe.

Earl Sleek said...

At least, you should feel somewhat comfortable that Dallas is the last team a Duck fan wants to see in the first round.

This is almost true. Dallas is the last team I want to lose to in the first round. If they come in beatable, though, they actually might be the team I want to eliminate the most.

It's that kind of relationship I have with the Stars--the one team I can't stand losing to, but the one that's maybe most enjoyable to defeat.

RudyKelly said...

Go Ducks! Go Sharks!


What, the Kings own the Stars' first-rounder this season.

kevin said...

Knuble should have received a match penalty, the YouTube video obviously shows his intent to butt-end Ribeiro.

I remember watching that Edm/Dal game live on TV, I still can't believe that ending.

Patty (in Dallas) said...

Is that Ribeiro video really a Stars YouTube moment? We didn't even know the guy then.

Poor Stefan. That puck jumped a foot in the air.