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Friday, March 14, 2008

Kings Gameday: Good Trade

Earl has a post that's far more interesting below

LA Kings
(flub) @ Minnesota Wild (37-26-8, 6th in West)

5:00 PST, 1150 AM

Patrick O'Sullivan: 72 games, 19 G, 26 A, 20 PIM. 23 years old.

Trevor Lewis: 61 games, 8 G, 13 A, 33 PIM (in the AHL). 19 years old.

Pavol Demitra: 58 games, 16 G, 28 A, 20 PIM. 34 years old.

It's insane that Patty might outscore Pavol this season.* Minnesota fans, how has Demitra worked out for you?

*I know, Demitra has been hurt this season, but he's hurt every season.


Here's Wayne Simmonds, the surprise 2nd-round draft pick from last year:

The guy Simmonds pummeled? That's Robert Bortuzzo, a prospect for the Penguins. (Nice spear, asshole.) He's 6'4", 205. Wayne Simmonds, my new favorite player? Might be!


Marcel Goc has another amazing post up. Read it to find out about whom he said this:

He has a weak brain.

He'd be scarier if he didn't look like Franz Kafka.

Prediction: Kings win, 3-2. I think the Kings are like 7-1 when I predict them to lose, so I'm not going to mess with that. (I want a good draft pick.) Hat trick by O'Sullivan, who will have that same damn look on his face the whole time.


Earl Sleek said...

I remember the Demitra-O'Sully trade. My family and I had been on a Greek Isles tour, which meant for the most part we were cut off from the internet.

It was summer, so we didn't figure we'd be missing too much hockey, but three things shocked my brother and I upon disembarking and rejoining hockey civilization:

1. Pavol Demitra got traded for WHAT?
2. You're kidding me, right? Cam Ward won the Conn Smythe?
3. THAT'S our new logo? It's frickin' text!

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, and fuck, I totally missed it Rudy, but it's been a year and two weeks since this happened. A happy belated fucking blog birthday, dude.

Alexander Dubcek said...

Goc says his chess foe has a weak brain, and yet its Marcel Goc who deleted the contents of his iPod save for one playlist? Good Christ, how stupid do you have to be to do that? I always thought Apple products were great because they seem so idiot-proof, but I guess Goc just goes to show that if you make something idiot-proof, they'll make a better idiot. (I think that's how that goes.)