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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ducks Gameday—A rising Pacific tide

Anaheim Ducks (41-25-8, 3rd in west) at Dallas Stars (42-27-5, 4th in west)

Ah, finally, it's the Pacific stretch! According to my internet image search, nothing says Ducks-Stars like:

Ah, Disney, you movie-making geniuses.

Hmm, maybe not. Perhaps this is better:

Luke, I am your feather.

Sorry, to start so cheesy; I'll try to make up for it with a little Pacific Division excitement that's been brewing for a little while. Here's the Pacific Division's record in two month segments:

Sept-Nov: 58-53-13 (.520), -0.15 goal differential, -0.39 shot differential

Dec-Jan: 74-55-10 (.568), +0.12 goal differential, +0.58 shot differential

Feb-Mar (before last night): 57-36-10 (.602), +0.26 goal differential, +1.01 shot differential

Certainly the five teams have taken five different paths this year, but generally speaking, the Pacific's been getting better and better as the season's progressed.

Prediction: The way the Sharks have been winning, one has to wonder what's the best strategy for the Ducks and Stars; is it worth going all-out to try to catch them? Certainly 4th seed is covetable, but maybe whoever loses tonight's game might consider taking a fall down to the sixth spot, as probably the Northwest leader will have fewer points than the Pacific runner-up. This strategy may appeal to the two teams differently, though. The last time the Ducks were 6th seed, they won a G7 in Calgary; the last time the Stars were 6th seed, they lost a G7 in Vancouver. Ducks 4, Stars 2. Goals by Selanne, Schneider, Pahlsson, and Kunitz.

Go Ducks.

[Update] A liveblog of the game from a Dallas perspective is available from Untypical Girls. Thanks to Jen for the link.


PJ Swenson said...

This is going to be a huge game, is anyone going to liveblog it?

Earl Sleek said...

Well, I'd liveblog it, except (a) I've never liveblogged before, and (b) I won't be home until the end of the 2nd period, and I'll be playing catch-up. Meanwhile, if anyone wants to be helpful, here's a query from one of the early BoC readers:

hey Earl,

i am the russian ducks fan - remember how we made that sign for you to taunt (was it salei?) in the penalty box? ah, good times, good times.

quick question: i am trying to look ducky on the ice and have got the jerseys, but can't find any other stuff the ducks wear, including team colored-socks. hockeymonkey doesn't have any. would you have an idea of where to get this? do they sell ducks "official" equipment at the rink store?



Anybody got any tips they're willing to share with the Russians?

Daniel said...

Try the equipment maker sites, they would have the colors. (Mission, Easton, Jofa, etc) You can

I think the West might be tough for the Ducks to win this year. They have 4 games against SJ and Dallas and 4 against Phoenix and LA. The Sharks have 9 games and 5 of them are against LA and Phoenix. Game in hand and weaker opponents, the Kings 3 times. Phoenix isn't a slouch anymore either.

Mike in OC said...

Alexey, try Hocky Giant. It looks likethey may have what you need.


Jen said...

PJ -
I believe there will be a liveblog from the Dallas perspective at Untypical Girls or Hockey Coma.

PJ Swenson said...

Thanks Jen, I will add links to Earl's post.

Kirsten said...

Several divisions will not be decided until the last day of the season I think.

Sharks/Wild game should be interesting. Sharks roll has been stopped, and the Wild are starting to find theirs again. I'll be watching.

Earl Sleek said...

Well, that was an odd ending. I thought for sure that Bertuzzi had used up his one-shot-of-the-game when he shot high of the net.

Tonight's game is a classic example of power play politics gone wrong. The refs make a bad 4-minute call on Rob Niedermayer, then go overboard trying to "make up" the rest of the game. I'll take the result, but mainly because of Scotty Niedermayer's PKing. He was phenomenal.

Oh yeah, and I don't say it nearly enough: Giguere was fantastic, and I'm getting stunningly used to that. Burke's best summer signing, I think.

spade-in-victorhell said...

fuckin sharks lose motherfuckers..


do u notice this too?...RC is so concentrated on match-ups that our "cup-winning" formula and constant fore-checking is non-exsistant....i.e. dallas was playing our game...(making our d make stupid passes...coughing it up)..we only won becuase of our defnese and our rare ability to score on the PP last nite...

whats the deal earl? is it:

A: rc matchup crazy
B: lack of forecheck aggressivness from new players i.e. doug weight, bertuzzi...or old players not executing..getzlaf...kunitz...may(have u seen may even forecheck once)
C: having the last line change on the road...have u noticed the dux playing there game more at home?

with the defense and goaltending we have there is no reason on the road and especailly at home that we shouldnt be taking the extra effort or couple seconds on the ice to play our game...dallas( i cant belive im saying this) actually was sending in 2 guys and the results were "duckish"

wtf earl


you were about shooting...the one time tuzzi shoots he score...dumb ass....shooot!!! im atlking to u tuzzi and wieght....getz..shoot mother fuckers...stop trying to get it back to the point all the time...shoot and crash the net!!