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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Out of nowhere, BoC Gameday!

San Jose Sharks (0-0-1) at Anaheim Ducks (2-1-1)

Well, it’s all happened within the last hour, but without a lot of warning, it turns out that I will be in my old haunt tonight—the Row B seats—for my first glimpse of post-championship NHL hockey. If you’re going to be there, feel free to stop by and say hi to the guy in the green shirt, otherwise I’ll probably just see you all in hell (translation: I will tell you how it went tomorrow).

Prediction: Ducks 4, Sharks 2. Goals by Perry, some new kid, Beauchemin, and how about Brad May’s first goal in a Ducks uniform? Damn, I miss Pahlsson already.

Go Ducks.


John D. said...

Prediction: 5-4 Sharks. Goals by Kaspar, Michalek, Pavelski, Seteguchi, and Roenick.

PJ Swenson said...

Make sure to say hi to Selanne, Penner and Niedermayer for me.

Megalodon said...

Ducks 0, Setoguchi 15.

Earl Sleek said...

Megalodon, you got one part right. Not the part that would have been entertaining, though.

BreAnn said...

I'm with megalodon, I get excited watching this kid play. Setoguchi better make the team, come opening night. Kaspar too.

Sharks won in OT 1-0. Patzold looks good for back up.

Earl Sleek said...

Sharks won in OT 1-0. Patzold looks good for back up.

Sharks won in regulation in a mostly uninspired game. Greiss the German got the shutout.

Niekon said...

I thought that was you across the way... green shirt... backwards cap. Who else could it be sitting in Row B?
Myself? Over in 207... Row R... and drinking the Guinness like it was going out of style. Game was "meh"... was nice to have a couple of the Miller girls doing some sort of survey in front of me for the entire game. And for some reason seeing some guy wearing a lot of Stars gear in the arena.

Highlight of the night: during the 2nd intermission I'm out front having a smoke... all of a sudden there is a commotion at the doors. Some guy is being physically ejected from the arena followed by nearly a dozen security personnel. This guy is ranting... and getting into the face of each security person. Cussing them out... yelling... et cetera.
All this with a couple of Anaheim's finest sitting about 20 feet away in a vehicle. I am figuring he was questioned at some point since they followed him out to the parking lot. ^_^

Ahhh... the good times. Just wish the boss didn't have his seats right next to a couple of Sharks fans in attendance.

AnaheimDuckFan said...

I knewe I saw you there. I could see that green shirt from the 400s. Hope you had fun, that game sucked. Least you got to see Prongs in the box.