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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kings Gameday: Vegas, Baby, Vegas!

"The Kings suck in this game, you should play as another team."

The Kings are going to try and give the Avalanche the ol' rainman sweep tonight at Frozen Fury tonight. I'm not sure why they do this every year, but it gives Kings fans an excuse to go to Vegas so it's cool with me. There's no word on which goalie is going to start, but my money's on Labarbera. I'm also predicting that Kopitar gets 2 goals tonight because, as you all know, you always double down on 11. I'm also hoping that someone makes Ryan Smyth's head bleed. (Oh, I'm the asshole? I'm out of here. I'm not eating here... I wouldn't eat here... I'd never eat here anyways.)


Bailey, doing his Deadmarsh imitation.

The Kings unveiled their new mascot, Bailey. He's so money and he doesn't even know it. (Okay, I'll stop.) I must say, he's a pretty cool cat. Check out his bio; it's kind of funny to read it and imagine some college graduate pain-stakingly putting it together. He's far superior to Sharky (Sharks can't wear jerseys!) and he's not on fire so that puts him above Wild Wing. Welcome to the Kings, Bailey; you've made a big mistake.

Miao, babe.


Mike said...

Bailey?! Is there a reference here I'm missing? I'm not saying they should go all Steeler and call the mascot Royal McPurplePants or anything, but Bailey seems neither lion-y nor kingly.

And it's Sharkie, not Sharky. As if it matters. And yes, Virginia, sharks can wear jerseys.

Alexander Dubcek said...

Bailey is in honor of former Kings director of pro scouting, scout Ace Bailey, who along with fellow Kings scout Mark Bavis was on the plane that crashed into the second tower at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

RudyKelly said...

Yeah, way to dishonor the dead. Although I felt bad once I learned about Sharkie McQuaid, who was lost on the Hindenburg.

Sherry said...

You mean Bailey's not on fire, yet. Just give him some time. I'm hoping for some sort of fireworks related incident of some kind.

zot said...


dbushik said...

Wow RK, I have to say you were rather on in this post. And the the response with the Hindenburg reference too.

And it's actually S.J. Sharkie. You know, him and Drew Remeda actually have a cartoon together to promote literacy.

Doogie said...

I'm also hoping that someone makes Ryan Smyth's head bleed.

Isn't that cute? Surely, you don't think that'll actually get rid of Smytty? Four words that Sharks fans may recall from about sixteen months back: Game Three, Triple Overtime.

Bryan said...

Well the old Kings mascot was named Kingston. Makes a lot more sense to me.

Doogie said...

Also, random BoC observation from the topic list:

Chris Pronger (44)

Just sayin'.