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Friday, September 28, 2007

Mullet of Doom

Like Steven Seagal once was, the Sharks are now marked for death -- Barry Melrose has assigned his annual Mullet curse to the boys in teal, calling them the best team in the league in a video reviewing the Pacific Division that you can find on the ESPN NHL page. Fortunately, I don't see this in writing anywhere, so perhaps the Melrose curse only affects things in print form (or online text, depending on how you look at it).


Sherry said...

The EA 08 simulation also has them as the winners. They just looked so happy in their teal jerseys with the cup.

Earl Sleek said...


Would that be the same EA Sports that boldly simulated the Senators over the Ducks in 6? :P

Anonymous said...

Melrose said the same thing about the ducks last year at the begging of the season, he pick them to win the cup so obviosly the curse isn't too bad.

Mike Chen said...

Maybe it only curses teams that AREN'T in California. That is, except when he coaches them.

Earl Sleek said...

That is, except when he coaches them.


Sherry said...

I don't know Sleek, have computers ever been wrong before? :P