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Monday, March 12, 2007

Kings Gameday: These are the Times that Try Men's Souls

7:30, FSN West

I’ve been away from internet and a TV that got Kings’ games the past couple of days. I was mad that I missed the last three games, but apparently I should be glad since the Kings have lost the last three in overtime. There is nothing I hate more than an overtime loss. I went to a game against Edmonton earlier in the year where the Kings lost in overtime. The conversation the ride home consisted of me and my brother muttering, “Mother fucker… son of a bitch… I mean, DAMMIT.” The problem with an overtime loss is that you don’t have time to reconcile the fact that your team is going to lose. If they’re down by two you can rationalize the loss or at least come to terms with it. Once the game goes into overtime, though, you can’t help but be optimistic. Then all of a sudden the red light’s on and you have to leave. I don’t think the shootout helps either, because in the back of your mind you’re thinking, “Hell yeah, I’m going to get to see a shootout.” Even worse is the fact that the Kings are continuing their tradition of not losing properly. Lose by 3 goals a game if you’re going to lose, you bastards, and stop picking up points!

The Kings are playing the Edmonton Oilers tonight. The Oilers are the only team in the Western Conference who have more reason to be depressed right now than the Kings. They’ve lost seven games in a row- that’s insane- and recently traded away their big-nosed heart, Ryan Smyth. I feel bad for them (my relatives on one side of the family are from Edmonton), but at the same time it makes me giddy. With apologies to the good people of Edmonton (and especially to my mom), I don’t really like the Canadian teams and Edmonton in particular; the Oilers somehow manage to give off the haughty “We’re Canadian so we play real hockey” vibe while still trying to play the scrappy underdog card. I’m not sure what Oilers fans should be more embarrassed about: the fact that people whined so much when Ryan Smyth got traded or that they cared about a dopey-looking dude like him in the first place. Plus, I hate Joffrey Lupul from his Anaheim days, but I guess I’d almost feel bad about kicking him while he’s down. Almost.

Prediction: An overtime loss, obviously.


Earl Sleek said...

Great photo. I doubt that ended well for the pictured King.

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, and the depressing thing for Oilfans is not just the fact that they have lost seven in a row, but how (badly) they've lost them.

In those seven games, they have scored FIVE goals. In none of those seven games have they scored more than 2 in a game.

Meanwhile, in those same seven games, they have surrendered TWENTY-SEVEN goals. In none of those seven games have they limited opponents to 2 or less goals in a game.

In other words, it's not even close. You could take the Oiler score from any one of those seven games and combine it with any opponent score and no matter which way you line 'em up, it's seven regulation losses.

During those seven games also, the Oilers have a 0% power play and a 64% penalty kill. Talk about blood-letting.

Ian said...

As apparent BoC fact checker, I approve of this message. If tie games are like kissing your sister, overtime losses are like suddenly waking up from an erotic dream and finding Fido licking your face.

As your apparent enemy for life I, uh, cackle maniacally while twirling my mustache?

dbushik said...

Well, there's nothing that will cure an ailing team on a lossing streak or a player in a rut trying to break out of a scoring drought like a match-up with the Los Angeles Kings.

How many times have King's fans gotten to witness a players first NHL goal or point, or a team come in and end a dismaly long lossing streak? Far too often my friends... :)

So hey, if anyone feels bad for the Oilers losing Smyth and promptly tanking it, take heart! Tonight they likely get something to build on.

I see a tight game with both teams being able take away positives, but with the Kings coming away one point shy of a win. Kostopolous misses his attempt in the shoot-out, failing to keep things alive once EDM gets the advantage.

Now I know Crow had already used the Kostopolous gambit once to pull out a loss in the SO, but it's been a few weeks. Time to try again...

Earl Sleek said...

I dunno about OT losses, Ducks since the lockout have been so miserable in extra frames that I've really come to expect that loser point--it's not even disappointment any more, just a half-pat on the back for not losing in regulation.

I forgot to write a letter of thanks to Crawford for that Kostopolous bit--that was a rare Ducks shootout win.

Hell, I might even watch this EDM-LA game--the NHL has neglected to schedule any important games tonight :)

RudyKelly said...

I just assume that Ducks fan assume that they're going to lose once the game goes into overtime so they don't really get too upset.

joninabox said...

The Oilers sure showed you, sucker!

Temujin said...

Well this Canuck fan is pretty darn pleased that the Kings tromped the Oil. I don't feel any sympathy for their smug fans, and it wouldn't bother me an ounce if they lost every game here on out :-)

Oh, and thanks a bundle for Jeff Cowan. Really appreciate that. I've seen more bras in the past week than Ron Jeremy.

Doogie said...

Congrats, Rudy. Your team is no longer the laughingstock of the West. I think we can safely take that tiara from you now.