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Friday, March 09, 2007

Ducks Gameday—Oil catch Ducks Prongerless once again

Edmonton Oilers (30-31-6, 11th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (40-17-11, 3rd in west)

Exclusive X-Ray of Pronger’s Foot (UPDATED):

  • Yes, it appears that the evil Oil-traitor Chris Pronger has gone and injured his big toe during some off-ice workout. He was interviewed during the Phoenix telecast to emphatically tell us that he did not drop anything on his foot—he only drops trade demands, dammit! This will be the second straight time Prongs is missing an Edmonton matchup, and predictably enough, the Ducks are 2-0 with Pronger and 0-1 without.
  • Pronger leads the Ducks in the scoring against the Oil with 4 assists in just 2 games. Getzlaf, SNieds, and Ketchup are all also point-a-game vs. EDM this year.
  • I don’t have much to say about the sad departure of Ryan Smyth, other than I think he’s an elite player who improves the players around him, and Kevin Lowe should have bit the bullet and signed the guy. Like Lupul and Smid before them, Nilsson and O’Marra are going to start with an awful weight on their necks—they’ll be eyed closely as the “trade return”.
  • Covered in Oil and its commenters put together a great set of haiku and other assorted verse in a terrific post. Here was my submission, an acrostic trio of haiku:

    R eal classy, K. Lowe,
    Y ou held out ‘til 2:40,
    A uctions are for wimps!

    N o worries, K. Lowe,
    S ell the notion that you’re poor—
    M arket rate my ass!

    Y oung Mr. Nilsson,
    T his team needs some heart and soul,
    (H urting Joffrey helps).

  • The Blues did both teams a favor last night by beating the Stars in regulation. Not only did it pad Anaheim’s Pacific cushion, but it also moved Edmonton up a notch on the summer entry draft board.
  • Since Smyth’s departure, Edmonton been outscored 15-3 on a four-loss homestand, and though I haven’t kept up, it seems their young blueline is also pretty banged-up, which is akin to breaking a man’s crutch. When the Ducks had a busted-up blueline, they became the Anaheim Sucks, so maybe this graphic is appropriate for tonight's Edmonton squad.

I forget where on the internet I stole
this pic, so claim it if it’s yours!

Prediction: Ducks 4, Oilers 2. Goals by Getzlaf, Selanne x2, and Pahlsson.


dbushik said...

You know, I like the written word. I like that haiku have been so accepted in pop culture. For some reason it annoys me that people are completely unaware a haiku should include a 'kigo', which is a word that places the haiku temporaly. Haikus aren't just supposed to be a certain number of syllables or moras, but are also supposed to include a reference to the season or place in time which they occur or are about.

Okay, appologies in advance for the picking of knitts that has nothing to do with hockey... :)

Earl Sleek said...

I'll fully admit my ignorance of anything outside of the syllable-count, but good to know.

In fact, I just learned the term 'acrostic' in putting that poem in CiO's comments; who would have thought that NHL hockey would improve my poetry skills?

mike w said...

Hey, I got brushed back by making a Yeats reference that I couldn't fully back up. Tough crowd of poetry readers up North.

Pleasure Motors said...

As the one who kicked off the haiku-craze, I'd like to point out I'm well aware of the temporal demands of the standard haiku, but I'd also like to say that that gets really, really hard to do when you're focusing on an underachieving hockey team.