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* Thanks, Kevin Lowe!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


More sucking at shootouts from Anaheim last night, thanks to a shoutout* by Khabibulin. (I wonder why Ryan Shannon was not one of the three shooters last night; I thought that was why he was on the roster...)

Still, the standings point guarantees that by next Tuesday, the Ducks will still be first in the west. The Sharks, by next Tuesday, will be 2nd.

Why, dear readers, do I make such a fuss about next Tuesday?

Tuesday is the first of eight matchups between these early-season western powerhouses. An opening blow in the (meaningful) Battle of California.

And I will be there, proudly in Row B, drunk as a skunk. I only get three games a season up there, but looks like I picked a winner.

Can't fucking wait.

* shoutout = shutout in a shootout


mudcrutch79 said...

Why, dear readers, do I make such a fuss about next Tuesday?

You're excited about the wrong Tuesday game. Enjoy Pronger while he lasts - he's going to be a traumatized man when he returns from Edmonton.

Doogie said...

Or a suspended man, if enough guys throw beer at him.

Sherry said...

Are those the most vicious pictures of ducks you could find? Poor things look like they're about to become supper.

Earl Sleek said...

For the duck image, I was going for "pathetic". These were the non-mightiest ducks I could find.

hockeygirl said...

I love it. Those ducks are hilarious. Just like the Niederwieners.

Anonymous said...

you were going for "pathetic"? Hahah, actually it's a little terrifying, seeing the wide, open mouth of a great white angled at unsuspecting ducks...

hmmm... should I be worried? Are you abandoning the faith?!

Earl Sleek said...

I can't lie about nature. A duck is a rather docile creature, when juxtaposed with a shark.

Even if that duck was once Mighty.

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, but I should have mentioned that I am impressed how unafraid that duck is. His petty avian brain can't comprehend the repercussions of the oncoming sharkteeth.

Bravo, brave duck! That's what separates you from the chicken!