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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Waking the Dead??

Well, if I can't motivate our Ducks' squad, at least this guy seemed to do it. At least that is some of the talk in Oiltown.

Truth be told, I don't think this celebration is that big a deal (other than the fight was a little 'slippery' to be a real victory). I love fighters and I love fighting, and I think fighters like Laraque and Fedoruk should be reminding us of what they bring to the table, and should regularly be 'playing to' the crowd.

Although there might be something a little weezly about waiting for a 3-0 lead to showboat, that isn't a huge deal either. This is the playoffs, after all.

So the Ducks made the game close, so what? That's not Laraque's fault, and any notion that the Ducks 'came to life' to spite Laraque is silly; they want to be in this series more than they want to keep Georges' post-fight behavior under control.

So, Georges and Todd, and all the rest of you grunts out there. Keep yapping. Keep fighting. And if the crowd loves it, throw those arms in the air. Make a little noise. Go nuts.

I got nothing against showmen in this league; sometimes I wish there were more of them.


JulianK said...

agree 100%

Hockey needs more personality, not less.

I HATE Chelios but I love him at the same time becasuse he's such an ass.

Achtungbaby said...

Agreed. There are just some guys you love to hate.

If the Ducks needed Laraque to showboat before they got into the series there probably wasn't much of a series there in the first place.

It was kinda of funny at the time, but ultimately classless.

Zanstorm said...

Achtungbaby, I agree with your second part. It may be too late.
Earl Sleek, I can't believe how much my Laraque statements caused a fuss! But it really is something to talk about. I have no loyalties to the Ducks or the Oilers so I'm not biased. I am from BC.
But I still believe that Laraque's actions were ill-timed, and MacTavish thought so as well. This kind of thing reminds me of Domi's elbow on Niedermayer a few years back, the Senator stopping in front of the open net (with the opposition goalie on the bench) before scoring, the Miracle on Manchester, etc. Regardless if people find it 'entertaining' they aren't the ones on the damn ice.
If the Ducks tied and won game 3, my comments wouldn't be so far out, would they? If the Ducks win tonight, the same thing applies.
I do believe in some form of Karma. I also the believe the Ducks will win tonight! Ha! I'll eat my words if I have to!!
Anyways, Earl, I really enjoyed your post.

Earl Sleek said...

But I still believe that Laraque's actions were ill-timed, and MacTavish thought so as well.

I suppose, but when is it properly timed then? Probably not in a tied or one-goal game.

My point is that there should be some freedom to develop a personality or a fan-connection for a guy like Laraque (especially in a big game); I think we discourage it a bit too much.

We don't want robots playing this game, at least not yet.

Zanstorm said...

Well, like MacT said, it was ill timed because there was still 12 minutes left.
I would discourage it as a coach for example, because you just don't want to give the opposing team ANY reason to rally. Composure isn't a bad thing in the playoffs, in my opinion.
Anyway, good luck to the Duck fans and the Ducks.
I was saying to my buddy yesterday, "wouldn't it be great if the Ducks had Steve Thomas right now???" I was feeling nostalgic of course!

Earl Sleek said...

"wouldn't it be great if the Ducks had Steve Thomas right now???"

Wow. I've been saying that for two and a half years.

Zanstorm said...

Poor Stumpy still has so much to offer, but no one takes a chance on him. He is a playoff MASTER!