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Friday, May 26, 2006

Still skating on thin ice

Coach Sleek's G5 speech:

Ducks: we played great in G4 to bring the series back home. Good work. But remember: even though we are closer, we are still one loss away from elimination.

The reason it is so hard to come back from a 3-0 series deficit is with each win, the road ahead feels easier. Each win means that there are fewer future wins required, and thus the burden feels lighter.

But remember, the task at hand is not different: one loss and we're done. That has not changed.

The ice we're skating on is still just as thin. The number of wins required has not changed:


We did it before, let's do it again. Give 'em hell, boys.

(A disciplined version of hell. I'm talking to you, Rusty.)


Anonymous said...

He makes my wife crazy with the bone-headed penalties.

He's been alot better, though.

Come on you ducks!

Earl Sleek said...

He's been alot better, though.

That's the key, I think. A good Salei can be very good.

In the shutout streak (Cgy-Col), I think Salei was playing great hockey. In fact, these playoffs he's been good.

But yeah, there's times when he is, shall we say, hold-happy. We probably don't need that Salei tonight.

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