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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stanley Cup Playoffs Trivia Question #2

Trivia Question #2: Who leads the NHL in ice time during the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs?

The answer... Edmonton Oilers defenseman Chris Pronger with a 32:46 ATOI in 11 games played [2G, 10A, +7, 6PPP, 6PIM]. Pronger logged over 45 minutes twice in the first two rounds.

During a 3-2 double overtime win against Detroit Red Wings in game 1 of the Conference quarterfinals, Pronger logged 47:17 of ice time. In the decisive 3-2 triple overtime win over San Jose in game 3 of the Conference semifinals, Progger logged an almost responsible 45:58.

Ice time prediction for Pronger in the next Edmonton-Anaheim series? He will break the 50 minute barrier in a 4 overtime 2-1 win at Rexall Place in Game 3. Bonus points, guess who is second in ice time for the playoffs?


sacamano said...
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sacamano said...

I've got three trivia questions for all you Ducks fans:

1) What was the head to head records of the Ducks and Oilers this season?

2) When was the last time that the Ducks won a game in Edmonton?

3) Do the answers to the first two questions concern you at all?

Doogie2K said...

Oh, oh, I know these ones! Can I, sac?

PJ Swenson said...

As much as the bluemile tried to sway my interstate allegiance, I have to christen myself a Ducks fan for the next series.

1. Head-to-head Anaheim vs Edmonton record in the Stanley Cup playoffs this year? O-0.

2. When was the last time starting goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov started a game in Edmonton? Good luck waiting to pick up those wins against Vitamin G, when Vitamin B will be in net.

3. Actually no. What concerns me is the number of pole celebrations on Whyte Avenue. When the series travels to the Great White North for game 3, leave the fan cameras on Venice beach, Long beach, or Newport beach. A beach with water, not those oil resevoir beaches they have in Alberta.

Earl Sleek said...

Do the answers to the first two questions concern you at all?

To some degree, but as PJ noted, a lot of this goes out the window, as Edmonton still has yet to see Breezy with his mask on.

The H2H record involves a home opener (too early to tell much), a Giguere explosion (he's less likely to pull that from the bench), a shootout loss (which isn't as big a factor in these playoffs, I'm noticing), and a last-minute goal (again, past Giguere).

I'm not so concerned about the last time we won in Edmonton, so much as the next time.

I will say this, however. Watching the Oilers this season/postseason, I will not feel easy about an early game or early series lead.

That good enough for ya?

Earl Sleek said...

I'm not sure if I on principle agree with these 'pointed' trivia questions (my first one was I thought really about trivia), but...

Q. What were Roloson's WC Finals statistics vs. the Ducks in 2003?

A. 0-2, 5 GA on 38 shots in 91:34. That's a 3.28 GAA and a .868 S%. Poor guy didn't even get to play half the sweep (though he did get half the losses).

sacamano said...

Touche, Earl.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

2003 doesn't matter.

The regular season doesn't either.

Its first to four wins!

Pregame jitters starting ... now.

James Mirtle said...

Scott Niedermayer is second in icetime, since no one else answered that yet.