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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Ducky Drunky Post

(Author's note: because I have been drinking a lot, I reserve the right to delete this post later)

(Author's note: because I have been drinking a lot, all I will do in this post is gripe)

GRIPE #1: I have since found out that the Hemsky goal was "legit", but when I was at the game, sitting at the wrong end of the ice, I was under the impression that some Oiler ran into Breezy on the goal. In fact, my whole end of the arena was outraged at this goal. Why the f uc k will they show me meaningless replays throughout the whole game, but never show me a god damn replay of the game winning goal?! In the end, it was nice enough, but I couldn't know that until I got to a friend's house to watch the replay. Stupid animatron decided to show us some movie clips instead. GRRRRRRRR.

GRIPE #2: Stupid Anaheimers!!! The final score was Fans 3, Ushers 0, mainly starring the guy two rows behind me, who in the end griped that me and my kid bro decided to (gasp) stand up for the last minute of the game. "Whatsamatter? You miss the empty netter?"

GRIPE #3: (deleted for nonsense) (it had something to do with traffic)

GRIPE #4: My kid bro is what, 3 months from being 21? I had to buy two beers to drink one. Still, I seem to have a lot of commemorative cups at the end of the day.

GRIPE #5: Mr. Roloson, let me buy you a good roll of duct tape and STICK YOUR GODDAMN MASK TO YOUR GODDAMN HEAD. Doesn't the NHL or NHLPA have to do something in the name of 'protection'? You drop your mask twice in two games and guess what? YOU GET A NEW MASK.

All said, it might have been a good game, but I was not glad to be there. Had there been no uniforms, I might have been at a Flames game.

(Author's note: I will fix this post later, upon recovery)

(Author's note: we did cheer for o canada, that's something)


Doogie2K said...

Could have something to do with the fact that he got hit in the head with the puck twice in two games.

And yeah, no arguments here. Not a fun game to watch. But I'll take the result.

Earl Sleek said...

Upon further review, I'll just let this post stand as it was (somewhat typed, somewhat dictated, somewhat proofread, but all authentic).

I don't have a lot of takeaway from G1, except probably both teams could have been sharper, and all three goals (sans empty-netter) had an aspect of "fluke" to them.

Like I said before, TV is a little better for a game review, and I won't be getting home to my Tivo until after G2. Also note that I will probably start by watching G2 on the Tivo, since I will be otherwise occupied on Sunday afternoon.

Go Ducks.

Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

Beer and blogging. It's a constitutional right. ;)

Great site.

Anonymous said...

another gripe: what's with the on-command performance of the fans at the pond waving those towels. it's like instantly as it flashes on the screen, the towels go up.

(i'm with you on the replays tho, terrible)

oilers fan in at the game**

Temujin said...

The folks at BoA are predicting a sweep for the Oil, the bastards.

Go Ducks!