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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Reasons not to boo Canada

After all the fervor over Anthem-gate, I thought it'd be a good time to remind readers what's so awesome about our friends from the north. Here are Mike's personal reasons why Canada rules (minus the obvious Joe Thornton/Patrick Marleau/Jonathon Cheechoo/etc.):

-As an indie rock dork: my favorite new band from the past few years, the Arcade Fire

-As a fan of the Simpsons: Troy McLure/Lional Hutz

-As a sci-fi fan: Anakin Skywalker and Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

-Because I buy stupid sports figures: Todd McFarlane

-Because most of the hockey fans we talked to when my friend and I went to Toronto and Ottawa on a hockey vacation were pretty cool, including the guy who asked us "You're from California? Why the hell would you come to Canada in March?"

-Because I watched wrestling as a kid (and with my roommates in college, I'm ashamed to admit): Bret "The Hitman Hart, Lance Storm, and Chris Jericho

-Because we wouldn't have the South Park movie without Canada (and most Canadians I know have a pretty good sense of humor about it)

Got more reasons to not boo Canada? Put them in the comments -- and, oh yeah, go Sharks!

P.S. Regarding my post about stupid superstitions...the jersey has been washed.


Earl Sleek said...

For one, the Canadian anthem is a fantastic one that should be appreciated on just its musical merits alone.

On the other hand, if a guy's spending $100-plus to attend a playoff game, let him boo whatever he wants. I don't think 'class' is mandatory, at least I am not 'classy' when I go to hockey games.

I do respect the anthems (I like to sing along), but I don't necessarily resent those who do not. That's the thing about free speech; sometimes it's insulting.

kevin said...

-Because SCTV is still the funniest sketch comedy series ever.

-And as a corollary, Strange Brew should be on everyone's Top 10 comedy movie list.

-Because Canadians celebrate Victoria Day by drinking a case of beer.

In another forum, I tried to argue that Bret Hart was the greatest Canadian who ever lived. I was unsuccessful.

Mike Chen said...

How dare they fail to see the awesomeness of "The Excellence of Execution"?

Unless, of course, Chris Benoit threatened to put you in the Crippler Crossface.