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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Damn, I need a drink. Game 3 Notes

Not the best sign. I will say this on Fedoruk's behalf, he was spitting up blood from a vicious Rhett Warrener check two series ago. I doubt he's 100%. (Thanks to Matt for pointing out the correct hitter in the Flames series)

This is funny until he gets a concussion. Then I suppose it will be really funny. Roloson would make a good drinking game, drink for every penalty, assist, or mask-off (finish).

Again, out-stymied. The one-goal lead wins again.

My non-hockey friends, unfortunately, missed the very watchable first period. Then they sat grudgingly through the unwatchable second, until I gave them the TV and went down to my room to watch the rest. They instead played Katamari Damacy on the PS2. I started another post on boring hockey.

Pow, pow, pow, it gets worse-worse-worse. 4-0 Oil. Lucky friends, playing their Katamari.

It is a crazy third, Ducks go nuts but come up short. What does it mean? Have we solved some sort of puzzle? Why now? Pisani gets the game-winner, but other than that, it looked really good. Really good. Final whistle. Oil 5, Ducks 4.

Silly friends, upstairs on their Katamari.

Our PP stinks, but that is not new. We've had about the worst PP in these playoffs. Oil deserve credit, but note they weren't stopping a juggernaut.

3-0 of course has enough history behind it to be damn well condemning.

Got a mountain ahead of us, no margin for error.

This is soooo Disney.


Temujin said...

When Laroque pulled his shenanigans from the penalty box, my best friend said to me "Look at Randy Carlyse, he is so pissed right now... the Ducks are coming back for sure!"

I thought they were going to do it. Damn that Fernando Pisani!

So, insert Giguere for game four? I think it's a good idea. Five goals on 22 shots by Bryz is stinky, even if a couple of them were dynamite goals. What do the Ducks have to lose by starting Giguere? He ain't going to do worse than a .775 save percentage.

Chris said...

Well Ginguere could always snap after he gets a few glimpses of Ryan Smyth's ass up in his house, and go on to self destruct and almost single handedly throw the game. But that's never happened.

Earl Sleek said...

I say no on Giguere. If you wanted to play him, the time to do it was after the fourth goal.

If we didn't do it then, we don't do it barring injury.

My opinion, mind you. Carlyle does as he will.

Matt said...

It was Rhett Warrener, not Regehr, who demolished Fedoruk two series ago. Not that it matters...