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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A message from Gatorade Canada

Man, I'm such a sucker and a sell-out. Apparently all you need for some good BoC coverage is to send me a congratulatory e-mail, and a note that you are trying to network through hockey blogs. But even though I am a pushover for faint praise, I think the site below is interesting in discussing hydration issues for goaltenders and other athletes, and how J.S. Giguere was able to proactively improve his game stamina.

Hi Earl,

I’m contacting you on behalf of Gatorade Canada – I work for their public relations agency. As the resident Anaheim blogger on Battle of California (congratulations on winning the Cup!) I thought you may be interested in blogging about JS Giguere’s work with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) to tackle his hydration issues.

In the past, Giguere has suffered from cramping and exhaustion which often affected his game, before the 2006/07 season he saw a Gatorade television commercial about a runner who suffered from similar problems. Giguere contacted the GSSI to see if they could offer solutions that could improve his performance. At the GSSI, Giguere participated in rigorous sweat tests and hydration analysis, and they gave him tips to help him overcome his dehydration and perform a Stanley Cup winning season.

An online news release is at
www.gatorade.ca/en/giguere. You can find facts, quotes, photos, videos and logos to share on your blog, if you think your readers would be interested.

I’d also love to know what you think about this news release format, as we built it for bloggers like you to make it easy to share the story.


PS - If you’d prefer not receive news from our agency or Gatorade, just let me know, and we won’t contact you again.
So if you're thirsty, feel free to check it out, and remember: Stay hydrated this summer. As Giguere says: “No matter what sport you’re in, I think hydration is the number one priority you should focus on, along with healthy eating. It gives you energy and helps you recover quickly for the next game.”


James said...

I thought this was news after 2003 playoffs? He just recently went to the Gatorade institute?

KMS2 said...

I remember the analysts talking about it during the regular season. Apparently he would lose ten pounds each game (or something ridiculous like that).

Earl Sleek said...

I totally blew it when introducing this e-mail, by the way, but didn't come up with the proper lead-in until last night's Angel game.

Q: What do Earl Sleek and J.S. Giguere have in common?
A: They both drink a LOT during hockey games.
Q: What, then, is the key difference between Earl Sleek and J.S. Giguere?
A: Jiggy has admitted to his drinking problem and sought professional help.

Bryan said...

I know this is totally off topic, but does anyone else feel the Ducks got totally snubbed by not being up for best team on the Espys. The 6 nominees are Gator football, Gator basketball, Colts, Spurs, Cardinals and Tennessee Womens Basketball. I mean 3 basketball teams up for the award and basketball is an extremely individual sport. Interesting how for the award for best NHL player, Scott is up for the award and there is a picture of Rob. Just funny to me

Earl Sleek said...

To steal from Clueless, looking for hockey justice at the Espys is like looking for meaning in a Paulie Shore movie. If you think I didn't give a damn about the NHL trophy presentation, wait until you hear me not talk about the Espys.

Oh, and don't worry about being off-topic. Just because Gatorade holds us in some questionable regard doesn't mean we're up to professional standards or snobbishness.

Bryan said...

Hear you not talk about the Espys? LOL. I'm not saying I need Espy to recognize hockey, the fact that the best athlete of the year goes to either a guy who walks around a beautifully landscaped park hitting a stationary ball (sorry but not an athlete) or a guy who probably used steroids to win one race a year (an athlete but seriously one race?). It's just amusing to me thats all.

Finny said...

you know what? i got the same email. hahaha, you went ahead and posted it before I could. hahaha...

Anonymous said...

What does it say about the Ducks' medical and training staff if JSG has to see a Gatorade commercial in order to resolve his problem?

Earl Sleek said...

The Ducks' medical and training staff, like me and you and most everyone in the world, is undervaluing the importance of proper hydration. Drink Gatorade! Drink it now!

Doogie said...

The Ducks' medical and training staff, like me and you and most everyone in the world, is undervaluing the importance of proper hydration. Drink Gatorade! Drink it now!

It's not the hydration they're undervaluing! It's the electrolytes! ELECTROLYTES, I SAY!


Temujin, without a green shirt said...

I love you man. I LOVE YOU!!!

bwa ha ha haha

Zanstorm said...

Yeah, I got that spam too.
Shame on you for posting it earl, you whore! :)