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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Doug squashes Patrick Marleau rumors

For everyone who thinks a Patrick Marleau deal is imminent, please stop the ridiculous rumor-mongering (similar to anyone who thinks Vinnie Lecavalier, Brad Richards, or Martin St. Louis are leaving Tampa). From the Ottawa Sun via Kukla:

San Jose GM Doug Wilson said he's not trying to trade C Patrick Marleau, but admits he's had conversations. "If teams are going to call, it's my job to listen," said Wilson. "I would think that's a compliment to us that people would want our players. But I'm not trying to trade Marleau."

Yeah, that leaves the door slightly ajar, but he's just saying the politically correct thing. Doug's said nothing but positive things about Marleau and calls him one of his most reliable players. He also says that Marleau's talked things over with Ron Wilson and says that he's not worried about his captain at all.

So seriously folks, stop trying to get rid of him.


RudyKelly said...

I don't know... I have a friend who's a Sharks fan and a big supporter of Patrick Marleau, but when I mentioned the idea of trading Marleau for Visnovsky, he said he'd do it in a heartbeat. I wouldn't want it to happen, but what do you think?

PB said...

However, the same reporter that shared that Richards was going to be dealt by the Lightning is the guy who writes this one talking about Drury and Briere, and adds Wilson's thoughts about not trading Marleau.

Interesting...I don't think he's going anywhere either, but Garrioch was the original source for the Richards rumor.

Moné Peterson said...

"It's my job to listen."

Oh, he's gone.

Rick said...

I wouldn't exactly call that "squashes." All he's saying is that he isn't shopping Marleau--it means others came to him.

I know it's almost silly at this point, but the saying about "if they can trade Wayne Gretzky..."

The politically correct thing to say would be "We plan to have Patrick in the lineup on opening day."

The silliness of rumors can be measured a few ways. Tampa, for example--just say for example no one has ever contacted Feaster about those three and vice versa. If you can add, you can see that that team has half the cap committed to three players, and they aren't the champions anymore.

Is it silly? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Hey, RudyKelly, don't talk about me, bitch.

I love Marleau, and one time I saw him at Raging Waters and it was cool. But we need D to become a serious contender, and Visnovsky is one of the best around. I wouldn't want it to be a one for one deal, we'd need to get more for Marleau, but it is a tempting deal.

dbushik said...

Hey Sharks fans, so were does Marleau fit on the team if they do sign a guy like Drury? Drury plays LW or does Marleau move over? That seem to make sense or would that make thinking Marleau is going somewhere more likely?

dbushik said...

Oh yeah, and RK, why the constant Visnovsky trade talk? I know there were rumors durring the past two seasons, but they all come out of Toronto, not LA, and I also know the quotes from the Slovakian press is there about Crow, but that's less reliable than Toronto based rumors.

Plenty of recent direct quotes from Lombardi that Lubo is in the long term plans. Maybe if multiple UFA defenders who can move the puck end up here (Stuart, Souray), you start thinking Visnovsky might be expendable, but I can't think DL is looking to move him.

I'd probably take Marleau for him without thinking the team was making a huge mistake, but just wondering if this is you still trying to jinx a move or if you're actually thinking it's likely.

RudyKelly said...

It's all part of my plan to emotionally prepare myself just in case they do decide to trade him. Instead of falling to the ground screaming, "Oh God, why?", I can purse my lips and nod knowingly, muttering, "Hmm, that's to be expected."

ocsharksfan said...

Marleau plays center and some times LW. If we got a guy like Drury, it wouldn't put Marleau out of place. The idea of Marleau/Drury line makes me want to cream my pants. Cmon Doug Wilson. Let's get us a saber!