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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ducks avoid suspensions on the Tonight Show

Wow. Between Jay Leno's huge chin, Brad May's knack for suckerpunching, and Chris Pronger's head hunting elbows, I'm surprised this segment went off without a hitch.

You can watch the clip here, though I'll warn you, it's nothing worth getting excited over.


ColBerdan said...

Nothing super exciting but not bad for a 2 minute bit. Honestly though, of all the players on that roster, Brad May had to be the one carrying the Cup? It couldn't have been Pahlsson or a Niedermayer?

Zanstorm said...

Where are you from? "Canada, Canada, Canada"

Hey, I thought the clip was pretty decent!

A little more airtime would have been nice.

KMS2 said...

Brad May had to be the one carrying the Cup?

I was going to ask the exact same question.

Anonymous said...

Did the Tonight Show staffer who touched Chris Pronger's cup later get himself tested for STDs?