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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Doug Wilson interview & article

A little while back, I asked Sharks fans to send me their questions for my interview with Doug Wilson. The article is now up at FoxSports.com and the raw interview transcript is available at my blog. Nothing too earth shattering, but at least Doug gives very thorough answers.


Earl Sleek said...

Good interview, Mike. How was it interviewing the big guy, though? Intimidating?

This sets a high precedent for the blog, though I'm not sure I could ask that many consecutive questions to Brian Burke with a straight face. My second question might be "You wanna get out of here and go to a bar?"

Mike Chen said...

I kept checking to make sure we weren't running out of time, but he was very accommodating. The most interesting thing was I could tell when he switched from "business mode" to "personal mode" during the small talk at the beginning and end.

The hardest part was probably trying to take the questions that were sent to me and compressing/consolidating them into 1-2 sentences so I didn't explain his ear off.

Still, I asked if I could check in with him in training camp and he said that he'd be happy to, so fans better start coming up with questions again soon!

Ian said...

As one of the windbags in your call for questions, thanks for compressing and honing the questions, and thanks for the article plus transcript.

I really hope he and the rest of the Sharks team are serious about getting rid of the inconsistent play. Which means first and foremost eliminating their maddening tendency to sit back and wait for a PP and/or Joe to get them back in the game.

Mike said...

Excellent work, Mike. It's nice to see the Sharks organization is willing to talk to bloggers and not just the Merc and the Chron.

Mike Chen said...

Well, I do have to say that it was under the guise of FoxSports.com (and the article is exclusive for them while the transcript is on the blog). So while I hope it helps build a relationship, I wouldn't say they're nearly as open as Ted Leonsis.