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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ducks Draft Day: Lots of little news

Well, lots of random items to cover this Saturday, so let's get to it:

Ducks draft C Logan MacMillan with the 19th overall pick (link).
Burke traded the 16th pick to Minnesota for the 19th and 42nd. I'm as always unsure what to think about the draft: sure it's important but it's tough to measure draft day success. Good luck, kid.

Ducks re-sign D Sean O'Donnell and D Kent Huskins for two years each (link).
This is really good news, as now a majority of the blueline will be back. Both were soon-to-be cup-winning UFAs, and came back for a cheaper combined price, which is good to hear. O'Donnell, who made $1.52 M last year, took a discount and will make $1.25 M per year. Huskins, who made $450k last year, will make $600k this year and $650 the next.

Of course, this would turn out to be FANTASTIC news if Scott decided to play another year or two, because he allows the other blueliners to play less difficult minutes. I'm hoping that the re-signings of these two and Giguere might prompt him to stay.

Ducks trade C Tim Brent to Pittsburgh for C Stephen Dixon (link).
Tim Brent played 15 games for the Ducks this year, mostly in place of an injured Todd Marchant, and was on the ice for 1 goal-for and 6 goals-against.

(Added 3:30) Ducks trade F Ryan Shannon to Vancouver for W Jason King and a conditional pick (link).
Ryan Shannon played 64 games for the Ducks this year, also mostly in a 4th line setting, and was on the ice for 19 goals-for and 21 goals-against. King has played the last three years in Sweden, and signed a contract with the Iserlohn Roosters of the German League last week, so I'm unsure whether to expect him to be available this year.

And while talking about trades in general, I do expect Brian Burke to move G Ilya Bryzgalov, but I'm not sure if Duck fans should get super-excited about the return. After watching both Toskala and Vokoun get moved for draft picks and salary relief, I'm not that sure about the market for goalies (although Breezy has less salary issues). We will see what Burke manages to do.

Earl answers his mail.
And finally, just for kicks, I'll take a stab at one of the anonymous comments: what would earl do if the ducks sign kariya?

The graphic to the right was one I made back in 2003 when both Kariya and Selanne turned their backs on Anaheim and signed for severe discounts to try to win a Cup in Colorado. It remains the one reason why I can't fully apologize to Edmonton fans for stealing Pronger--the same thing had happened to us three years before.

That said, unlike most Duck fans, I have never booed Kariya. Last summer, he was #2 on my list of the 10 best players to wear the Disney duck logo, and I wouldn't really have a problem if he returned (although I get the sense that Nashville, after ditching Vokoun, Timonen, and Hartnell, are preparing to re-sign Kariya).

But I got one stipulation: Kariya, want to ditch your team and sign with a contender? Fine, I won't have a problem, provided you take a salary of $1.2 M, the same price you took in Denver. Sorry, dude. Karmic Justice.


alejandro said...

I'm totally pumped Huskins is back. He showed improving maturity and confidence during the playoffs, and is a steal at that price. I'm looking for him to be the next unheralded defenseman on the Ducks, right after Beauchemin relinquishes that title.

My new favorite player, right after Getzy and Beauch.

Moné Peterson said...

Not even for $1.2 million. And thankfully, we don't have to worry about it.

RudyKelly said...

I have to admit that Kariya and Selanne leaving to play for Colorado was hilarious to me, because both San Jose and Anaheim fans were very pissed about it. That they sucked while they were there only makes it better.

Rick said...

I've seen nothing of better-than-Eklund quality suggesting Kariya will return to Nashville. Why would any UFA go back there? At the draft Poile said he was under instructions to cut salary.

I seriously hope the Ducks don't bring that punk back, and he deserves to be booed. Can anyone credibly argue that Murray should have qualified him at $10m?

Selanne has produced without Kariya, in Winnipeg, actually in Anaheim during Greed boy's lockout/concussion year, in Anaheim this time, and he put up decent numbers under a Sutter in San Jose. Kariya has never put up much without him. So let's never insult Teemu by referring to them as the "twins" again. Yeah, right. Twins like Danny Devito and Arnold.

Boo hiss.

I wouldn't be surprised to see PK sign in LA. It's that much closer to West Hollywood.

(ok, that was immature, but...)

Kevin said...

I wouldn't say Selanne signed for a "severe discount" with the Avs in 2003. Yeah, he went from $6.5M to $5.8M, but $5.8M after consecutive 54 and 64 point seasons is not too shabby.

dbushik said...

Rick, appreciate your despise for Eklund, but if you read anything out of Nashville, he's saying he wants to be back. Usually hearing stuff straight from the horse's mouth is about as reliable as possible in rumor terms. Not bedrock of course, but still about as good as you get.

And with Kariya signning for cheap in COL, that was as much about him wanting to turn UFA early as it was about taking a discount to be on a winner. He took so little to slip under a max salary rule that allowed him to go UFA early.