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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sleek recommends...

Lately I’ve been overworking my silly side (see: last 5 posts or so), but I’ve also in this blog dabbled into a little stats-crunching, including a stats rant and a look at shot quality factors. Yeah, I am part geek, but I am quickly finding out that I am no JavaGeek. [EDIT: Apparently JG today started using the name Chris Boersma, but I swear it was JG when I read it last night.]

If data analysis and hockey interests you at all, and you can follow the math-talk, get your ass over to Hockey Numbers, one of my new favorite reads. JG is not only working with one of the best statistical databases out there, but he’s asking the right questions and for the most part is providing the right kinds of answers. Probably it’s best if you read from the bottom up (oldest to newest), as recent entries build off of data concepts presented in earlier posts.

If that’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine also. The fact that somebody is out there crunching the numbers better than I could means I probably have to stick to my niche of light analysis and heavy cartoons, which works for me.
Poster SteveNJ at Kukla’s Korner Forums has listed the OLN TV schedule for the upcoming season. Here are the BoC highlights (of course, all times are Pacific):

Oct. 31, San Jose at Florida, 4:30 pm
Nov. 27, New Jersey at Los Angeles, 7:00 pm
Nov. 29, San Jose at Minnesota, 5:00 pm
Jan. 15, Colorado at San Jose, 7:00 pm
Feb. 13, Anaheim at Colorado, 6:00 pm
Feb. 26, Anaheim at San Jose, 7:00 pm
Mar. 13, Chicago at San Jose, 7:30 pm
Mar. 26, Anaheim at Detroit, 4:00 pm
Mar. 27, Los Angeles at San Jose, 7:30 pm

If you want to see more, I always endorse getting the Center Ice TV Package. The ability to choose what hockey games to watch each night is huge; plus it gives you an opportunity to see other broadcast teams across the league.
Also, if you thought my poem to Beauchemin reeked of man-love, get over to Hot Oil now and contribute your own Raffi Torres haiku. Apparently, the more freakish, the better.


Earl Sleek said...

Of course, by OLN, I mean Versus. That's going to take me quite a while to catch onto, it seems.

Hodge said...

what....no Canuck games. Who wants to see Chicago??

JavaGeek said...

You expect me to do all that...

I'll see what I can do. I have the code already, just a matter of tweaking it and running it for 2002 and 2003...

Earl Sleek said...

You expect me to do all that...

Oh no, keep doing what you're doing; I'm loving it.

Just throwing some ideas out there that I lack the data wherewithal to investigate properly.

Earl Sleek said...

Holy shit!

He already did it. Uh, did I mention that I don't have a million dollars? I think Garth Snow has your money, JG.