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Friday, August 03, 2007

This is Killing Me

Cammalleri's arbitration hearing was yesterday, but so far today there has been no word on the outcome. It's looking like it might have to wait until tomorrow (or possibly Monday, I don't know if arbiters work weekends), but if I hear anything I'll let you know. According to my boss, I've seemed distant all day. I tried to explain why, but she just gave me a funny look and walked away.


In former Kings' news, Kelly Buchberger was named the head coach of the Springfield Falcons, Edmonton's AHL team. Kelly Buchberger is probably my least favorite King ever (with the possible exception of Len Barrie), but I thought some of you might like to know.

There's a rumor out there that Cammalleri is going to be traded to Toronto for Andrew Raycroft. This rumor is ridiculous and if it happened my head would explode. There's too many reasons that this deal doesn't make sense for me to list, so just let me point out that Mathieu Garon had a higher save percentage on the Kings last year than Raycroft did with the Maple Leafs. Chalk this one up to the egocentrism of the Toronto media.


dbushik said...

Or you can chalk that rumor up to that fraud Eklund and all those with so little self respect they'd actually pay the guy mind.

Bucky is your least favorite? At least he had some character and played a role. Yeah, being thin on the top of the line-up had him floating too far to the top of the roster, but at least he played a role.

What keeps Yaroslav "Stinks on Ice" Modry from holding that special position? I mean, at least if Modry would periodically hit a guy with his purse, you could say he contriubtes that, but you don't even get that out of the guy. For us he's kind of like Brisebois is for the Habs, but without the relatively solid defensive play...

Earl Sleek said...

What keeps Yaroslav "Stinks on Ice" Modry from holding that special position?

Or really, for that matter, Dan Cloutier? Is he just a given?

RudyKelly said...

I don't really like guys that play a role; I'd much rather have guys that are good. It's the same reason I hate Tom Kostopolous and John Zeiler.

dbushik said...

Well, okay, but you can't have four lines of top six forwards. You need five or six guys who are going to be comfortable playing the high energy reduced minutes and being effective. Suppose you don't have to like those guys, but that pretty much means you're going to hate a half to a third of your forwards every year.

Cloutier. I think I kind of had blocked him out of my mind. Probably some psycologically defensive mechanism, like a form of PTSD management. He never really happened, right? Please?

Bryan said...

For me, it was McSorley, back when I was a King fan. Lucky for me, I became a Duck fan not too long after.