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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kings Sign J.S. Aubin, Rudy Shrugs


He sucks. I’m not sure if this is that big a deal, other than for those Manchester Monarch fans out there. It may be an indication that Cloutier isn’t feeling too great, but it’s more likely that Dean Lombardi doesn’t want to get burned by a lack of goaltender depth like he did last year. At least we won’t have a goaltender with zero NHL experience backing up if either Labarbera or Cloutier get hurt. If this ends up becoming a big deal during the season, I'll probably be pretty pissed. I imagine the only time you'll hear about him is if Earl writes an article about Giguere and then picks the wrong tag.


The Kings also signed defenseman Drew Bagnall a couple of days ago. Bagnall was a Hobey Baker finalist last year with St. Lawrence last year. I like this because it’s not that big of a risk if he turns out to be a bust. Only good can come from this signing. Meanwhile, the Dodgers refuse to sign pitcher Kyle Blair in the draft over $400,000 and then give contracts to guys like David Wells and Shea Hillenbrand. One out of two ain’t bad.


Earl Sleek said...

At least we won’t have a goaltender with zero NHL experience backing up if either Labarbera or Cloutier get hurt.

This feels like a big step for you, Rudy. I imagine if you wrote a piece like this a year or two ago, you'd have said "...when Labarbera or Cloutier get hurt."

RudyKelly said...

I just haven't determined the moral implications of running Cloutier down with my car yet.

KMS2 said...

Yeah, I pretty much had zero reaction when I saw the news on the Kings website. I didn't even know what to make of it at first but after thinking about it I pretty much came to the same conclusions you did.

Earl, if Cloutier and LaBarbera both get injured this year and we're stuck with Aubin or some other random goalie, I will f'ing lose it. It would be like getting stuck by lightning twice in the same spot two years in a row. Not cool.

Earl Sleek said...

Oh, but don't forget the Ducks and Michael Wall. The trick is to win when your goalies are healthy.

KMS2 said...

Michael Who? So is that who your backup will be if Burke finally moves Bryz?

Earl Sleek said...

No, Wall is gone. Despite the promising name, he turned out to be a pretty poor goalie.

Now in the wings is some Swiss dude, Jonas Hiller.