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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sharks sign free agent from Canadian team...

At least, the broadcast crew did. Welcome back Drew -- it's good to have you back where you belong. Somewhere, Randy Hahn is crying tears of joy.


Earl Sleek said...

Heh, this hasn't really been the Sharks' busiest offseason, has it? They are more busy building logo-based revenue streams and broadcast teams than anything on the actual roster.

Still, this being the Sharks, an idle offseason is probably a really good thing.

dbushik said...

Well, I'm not a die-hard Sharks fan, but I have to think those that are will be thrilled. I watch a lot of Sharks broadcasts over the course of the year on the satellite, and Drew is in my opinion one of the really good annoucers out there.

Kind of wierd in hockey the way you have a handful of truely awesome truely competant broadcast guys, and then so many that are so very bad without much in the middle. I assume that is indicitive of the popularity of the game. If you're just decent, it's likely you can get work in a more popular sport.

Hey Drew even has his own cartoon with SJ Sharkie! I assume this means we'll be seeing those spots again during games.

I thought Marty was decent and he had certainly gotten a bit better than when he was in LA doing post game stuff, but he's no competition.

So I guess Drew missed the mild winters?

PJ Swenson said...

Remenda's last season he did a series where he traded punches with Scott Parker, took hip checks from Kyle McLaren, and Vesa Toskala gave him a few tips in net. And credit to the players, they went at him pretty hard. Great tv.

Remenda is more visible locally than any other player or front office person on the Sharks. To see him leave meant a lot of the radio shows, television highlight shows, and the pregame show and broadcast all suffered.

Glad to see him back. The Sharks needed to do a lot less than other teams with regards to free agents, and what they did garnering two solid first rounders on draft day was impressive.

I think Doug Wilson will take his time. Setoguchi and Wishart may get their shots in training camp, it will be interesting to see what Semenov can do. But if you look at how Doug Wilson has operated the last few seasons, he has addressed the top needs each year.

The Sharks need a backup goaltender, Patzold will be servicable, Greiss needs all the minutes he can get in the AHL, but they need a solid vet to stand in for 10-15 starts. Then they need to try to pull a top end defenseman from now until the trade deadline, one who can contribute on the power play and lead the team over hurdles in the postseason.

Losing Hannan, the Sharks will have a choice between Davidson, Murray, Semenov, and Wishart. I do not see exactly where the disaster scenarios are coming from. Wait until the annual Rangers or Maple Leads implosion and then flex your cap room.

Earl Sleek said...

PJ, you are crazy. You didn't mention the best thing the Sharks did this offseason--the Joe Thornton extension. Damn you Sharkies--that's a damn good deal, if he ever becomes a playoff kind of guy.

That picture is outstanding.

Sherry said...

I never got to see/hear much of Drew Remenda on HNIC cause he did mostly games out West, but he did do a few Senators games and I thought he was fantastic. For some reason, most of the fans up here never warmed to him though.

I'm looking forward to more Shark Byte clips. The new guy doing them just wasn't as good.

pj said...

Yeah, I for one never cared much for the work he did on HNIC. Different style than I'm used to I suppose. But it seems to work well for him down there, so congrats for getting him back.

PJ Swenson said...

I thought he did a pretty good job on HNIC. But he was in a much different role than he was in San Jose, where he could do pretty much whatever he wants. He will host the pre-game show, serve as an analyst for the broadcast, and be the point man for the television media after the game.

I thought the importance of the Thornton re-singing was a given? Doug Wilson has really impressed me when it comes to signing free agents and restricted free agents. Under Lombardi it did not always happen in time, and it resulted in a handful of long and contentious holdouts.

Re-signing Marleau is the obvious focus. Not sure how much all of the criticism after the last playoff series will affect his decision. Unfortunately a lot of the criticism came from the professional negative press who blew in, took a few shots, and then blew out of town to follow the Warriors. One of them even apologized to me when getting in front of a player to ask a question. Tool. Don't you know that there is no apologizing to bloggers fool?

But that photo is awesome. Drew Remenda circa the Sharks first season in 1991-92.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean Marty McSorley is moving back to LA/OC, staying in San Jose, or out of work?

RudyKelly said...

My roommate is a Sharks fan and hates this guy. I hope this means Tom Murray is gone and Marty McSorley is back; Murray reminded me of Mark McGrath's coked out father.

Vic Ferrari said...

I liked Remenda on the HNIC gig, I thought he was an insightful guy. Most HNIC fans like their commentators stupid and happy though. Hence we had the superbitch duet of Hrudey and Craig Simpson. Blees 'em both, but listenign to these halfwits was like having turpentine injected into my bones.