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Sunday, April 22, 2007

When do YOU want The Battle of California?

It all comes down to the big Game 7 between the two teams that can't score. So, will it be Anaheim/Vancouver and Detroit/San Jose or will we get the Battle of California in the second round?

Sharks and Ducks fans, which would you prefer? Leave your thoughts in the comments.
For me, I'd think it'd be only fitting if the Sharks and the Ducks met in the Conference Finals. Not just because of the building rivalry between the teams, but also because of the ways that the teams are kind of built in a weird yin/yang fitting sort of way. Plus, I really do believe that the Sharks and Ducks are the best teams in the West. And it'd be nice if Vancouver could soften the Duckies defense up a little bit before we take them on.

Come on Canucks, don't choke this one away!


Bartcal said...

I'd like to see the Sharks and Ducks play in the WCF...with the Sharks prevailing overall.

wooster11 said...

It would totally be better as a Conference Finals matchup. It'd be more exciting with even more on the line. It'd also would require no timezone changes so both teams will be fresh when they play each other.

But I do think you have it all wrong, cause the Ducks will be in the Stanely Cup finals no matter who they play.

Temujin said...

And it'd be nice if Vancouver could soften the Duckies defense up a little bit...

Here's hoping San Jose softens up the Wings a little for the Canucks...


Mike said...

I just posted on it.

It'd be better for the pagentry if the Sharks played the Ducks in the WCF, but I have to think the Sharks have a better chance of winning now, being rested and relatively healthy.

Earl Sleek said...

Nice, Mike (both of ya). I read that Shark's perspective and would have linked to it, but you beat me to it.

For the Ducks, Vancouver would be a pretty good second-round matchup (better than the Sharks for sure):

a) it would mean that over the past two years, the Ducks will have played 5 straight series against all 5 NW division teams ('06 CGY, COL, EDM, '07 MIN, VAN).

b) it would be the second straight series playing against a goaltender that had NOT beaten Anaheim during the regular season (Backstrom 0-1, Luongo 0-3).

Also, waiting a round to see SJS would be ideal because I think Todd Marchant could be back by then, and I think Anaheim will need all the forward depth it can muster to go up against the deep SJ squad.

So, for tonight, let's give a muffled "go Canucks", who have won all three games that they have scored at least one goal in this first-round series.

But, should DAL prevail, that's not the worst thing ever. Putting off a BoC series doesn't always work out; see last year, when both ANA and SJS had a 2-0 lead in round two but only one decided to advance to the conference finals.

RudyKelly said...

I would personally like them to play in the 2nd round. That way, one team will lose and then the other can lose in the WCF. Losing then is nothing to brag about, but I'll never hear the end of it if either team makes it to the Stanley Cup finals.

LoneSharks said...

I would definitely rather see the Ducks in the WCF. Not only would it be the best possible match up for the NHL (two bigger markets, geographic and division rivalry, the two best teams in the league), but it would be played with a cup shot on the line. The Ducks are the only team that scares me at all, and I think that series would be a pick'em. No way it goes less than 6 games. Also I think the Sharks would roll over Detroit, despite the Joe Louis demons. The Wings just aren't big or deep enough to match up with the Sharks. Without Kronwall I just don't think Detroit's defense can handle that much Sharks beef deep and in the corners over and over and over again. With the way Cheech KILLS the Ducks I support any chance we have of getting him healthy prior to playing Anaheim.

AnaheimDuckFan said...

I don't want the Ducks to face the Sharks in Round Two. The Canucks need to kick ass in tonight's game, so we can kick their ass in Round Two!! *knocks on wood*