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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sharks vs Nashville Predators Game 3 video

Here are a few photos and video clips from the Sharks 3-1 win over the Predators in game 3 at HP Pavilion yesterday. Nashville had a slight edge in play after the first period, and a one goal lead, but San Jose consistently pounded on the Predators defenseman with a heavy forecheck. It wore them down, and Milan Michalek, Ryane Clowe, and Patrick Marleau capitalized in the final 2 periods. Game 4 is on Wednesday.

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Zanstorm said...

Wow. The Sharks came out all guns ablazing in the 3rd period! I didn't expect Nashville to get shut down so badly.

I am a Canucks fan, but the way I picked my playoff pools the Sharks and Ducks have to meet in Round 3. So that is where my loyalties lie in the SJ-Nash series at least.

I know there is alot of love for Thornton out there, but I am not overly impressed with him. Alot of the time he looks sluggish out there, like he's just coasting. I like him better when he plays angry.