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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Western Conference Playoff Matchups

EDIT: The western conference is all set now, and because I am such a Hockey Numbers fan, I'm linking to JG's calculated "odds" for each western series. He does an excellent job excluding results from games against non-playoff teams in his stats:

Here's the matchups:

1. Detroit Red Wings vs. 8. Calgary Flames
JavaGeek's "odds": Detroit 62%

2. Anaheim Ducks vs. 7. Minnesota Wild
JavaGeek's "odds": Anaheim 58%

3. Vancouver Canucks vs. 6. Dallas Stars
JavaGeek's "odds": Vancouver 51%

4. Nashville Predators vs. 5. San Jose Sharks
JavaGeek's "odds": Nashville 52%

Anyone want to make some early predictions?


Zanstorm said...

Ducks against the Wild? Shit! That screws up my playoff pool roster!

That's a tough call.

Temujin said...

I agree with Zany... gads, that should probably be the WCF match-up!

I think the Flames (8), Ducks (2), Canucks(3), and Sharks (5) will win, setting up the second round to look like:

Ducks (2) vs Flames (8)

Canucks (3) vs Sharks (5)

Setting up the Canucks vs the Ducks in the WCF, and a chance at redemption for my ill-advised T-shirt bet!

J.R. Hippe said...

Not an easy match-up among them.

- Detroit, Anaheim, Dallas and San Jose move on.

Sherry said...

Okay, I've thought about this long and hard and the hamster powering the complicated calculating machine I've got going has come up with:

Flames, Ducks, Canucks and the Sharks moving on.

noah said...

offhand i'd say calgary, minnesota, vancouver and nashville make it through. the wild then beat the predators, willie mitchell beats iginla in a fight again and it's vancouver vs minnesota in the wcf, demitra/gaborik/rolston prove to be more powerful than the sedinbots this year; lemaire also proves again that he is the best coach in the league.

PJ Swenson said...

Detroit, Anaheim, Vancouver, and San Jose.

WPB said...

Noah is a genius!

JavaGeek said...

I'm stealing your awesome explanation of my little images. Thanks.

RudyKelly said...

I'm going with Detroit, Anaheim, Dallas, and San Jose.

So, congratulations to Calgary, Minnesota, Vancouver, and Nashville on making the next round.

hockeychic said...

Detroit, Anaheim, Vancouver, San Jose

Bethany said...

Alright here's what I'm going with Detroit, Anaheim, Dallas, San Jose...and the only reason I say Dallas is well I love Luongo and hate Turco but Turco does have a LOT more experience in the playoffs than Luongo...so maybe it will be Turco's year to win a series...but that's a tough one.

Zanstorm said...

"Flames, Ducks, Canucks and the Sharks moving on."

I agree with Sherry.

Toivo said...

I am making my picks based on my expert knowledge and analysis methods. I created a program that did 7 coin flips for each series. Where it went over 4 wins for one team, I am truncating the results.

Flames in 6
Wild in 6
Canucks in 7
Sharks in 7

So there you have it.

do u know da way said...

sharks win.