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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The BoC non-believer

I'm really hung over from my brother's wedding last night, but not so much that I can't poke a little fun.

I'm not a huge guy on predictions (other than predicting goals from the stick of Pahlsson); probably the last playoff prediction I made was last summer, when I predicted Phoenix to make the conference finals. I know that picking winners, especially, in the west, is a crapshoot.

Still, gotta poke some fun at Mirtle, who previewed both BoC series (ANA-MIN, NSH-SJS), and went against the BoC teams and predicted 16 wins for Minnesota and 8 wins for Nashville.

Turns out he was only off by 15 and 7. Time to stop copying that monkey, Mirtle.


Julian said...

Meh. I had the Pens making it to the finals pretty much because I wanted to see them there.

So much for my pool.

Chris said...

Well you have to admit that thus far he's picked every series in the Eastern conference correctly, and he may have picked two (at least one) Western series correctly. Being in Toronto he probably simply sees more of the Eastern teams and has a better handle on them.

For what its worth I've been predicting the Senators versus the Sharks.